Spring is officially here! Believe it or not. And I am not about to let old moody Mother Nature kill my excitement. Yes, I realize it’s been cold and gross, and, yes, I am still wearing ugg boots and sweaters to work, but it is officially spring today and we are gonna celebrate all things spring. 


Rain boots (which we definitely need today😐)




Going to the zoo 



Clouds (the good big fluffy kind)

Flip flops -cause those suckers are out as soon as it’s warm enough to not get frostbite. 

Puppy car rides (not pictures: her head out the window)

This little girl’s birthday

And this year – it means the beach!! Mattie’s never been, Ellabelle doesn’t remember going so it’s gonna be so much fun! 


Now, if only Mother Nature could get her act together give us some warm temps! ☀️



So, once again, I find myself very far behind on my life events. That being said, I’m trying to catch up. So, enjoy my easter post a month late 🙂

I love Easter. About as much as I love Christmas. Not as much because, let’s face it, Christmas is much bigger deal. I mean Christmas starts in October anymore. And Easter doesn’t have any awesome songs. So Christmas takes the top spot.

Still, I love Easter. Candy and bunnies and bright colors and pretty outfits. It’s all so happy and cheerful after a long winter. It means spring is finally here. 1001958_10100536835300060_5375752680215292406_n

And this year, I got to be promoted to Easter bunny. Last year, there wasn’t much we could do with Ellabelle. But this year, oh this year, we did it all.

We planted magic jelly beans. 1441_10100541239044920_7088289642397442794_n What are magic jelly bean exactly? Well they are special jelly beans that bloom into lollipops on Easter morning. BUT they only do this on Easter.

10246277_10100541239049910_790189440310976608_nI mean you can’t just plant jelly beans in August and expect the same result. Just sayin. 1560397_10100542228142760_5083804327819838899_n

And we had two Easters which is kinda the norm around here. Fake Easter usually happens because my uncle who lives out of town comes in before or after Easter. This year it was before. We had breakfastand we looked for eggs 10174781_10100536831901870_5044781350230324265_n

1374944_10100536834960740_7059915025423732622_nAnd played with Auntie Ang’s toes 10012470_10100536835384890_6619271090017609070_n cause we’re a little weird. (And by “we” I mean “Ellabelle”)

And we had fun because get togethers with the Fulmers are always entertaining. 10155939_10100536833773120_1203286569118442081_n

And there was real Easter. I remember the (what felt like forever) process of my mom putting curlers in my hair the night before. And I passed it on to Bee. She looked precious (of course). photo

We hid eggs in the front yard. Josh took it as a victory in the whole inside/outside egg hunt debate, but, honestly, I didn’t feel like cleaning the living room just to hide eggs. (Don’t judge). 1947623_10100542228107830_6896377047633409292_n

10157305_10100542228382280_1975734315108636895_n1623688_10100542231525980_4079559893324682468_nWe had brunch with Oma, Opa, and Auntie Ang at the same hall Josh and I got married at almost 3 years ago. It’s cool to be able to go back there so often. It’s where our whole journey officially started.

Afterwards, we colored eggs at my parents house. Ellabelle did surprisingly well. She broke the shells of almost all her eggs but didn’t try to drink the dye so I’d say she did pretty dang good. 1800323_10100543060664380_2711893907527142924_n 10259952_10100543060988730_6584499197924030999_n

She and daddy took a nap. This somehow always happens whenever we go over to do anything at Oma and Opa’s. But then again we all took naps. I just happened to take mine on the couch, and Oma took hers in her chair.1896749_10100543061612480_3782418073882980675_n

So, my love of Easter has grown. It’s somehow more fun to be the Easter bunny than it is to be the kid. Then again I always ended up hating the Easter egg hunts because I am awful at finding things. Give me a poem and I can pull hidden meanings out of it like it’s nobody’s business, but put a colorful egg right in front me and forget about it. Watching Ellabelle laugh and run across the grass and then the look of excitement when she’s found an egg was so much better. I can’t wait til next year when she will hopefully understand that is coming and there can be more build up to the holiday instead of just some weird day where she got to hunt for candy.  10274036_10100542231640750_5177490893142572455_n