From May to the end of July, we are busy. Always. Like every day. It’s pretty nonstop. But August comes and things slow down, and it’s a nice welcome change. This year was no different. August came and went with little to report on. Oktoberfest slipped in there and that’s always fun, but it’s a pretty slow month compared to the 3 before it. Then September arrived. And it was crazy busy. More so than I expected. As previously reported, we went out for my birthday, we slipped in some pool visits before they closed it (try explaining to a 3 year old that its hot, but the pool closed all of a sudden), labor day weekend was busy with the park and the Reds game, but it just kept coming.

Not that being busy is bad. It’s not. Josh will tell you I don’t know how to relax, and that’s true. I like to have things planned and go and do, but that doesn’t mean I’m not exhausted at the end of the day too.

So, our September (from where we left off):

9/12 – Cincy Comicon

Josh volunteered in the morning, and the girls and I met him after. Ellabelle was dressed as the 11th doctor, and Mattie was a dalek (with her own whisk and plunger cause what’s a dalek without them?)

IMG_9446 IMG_9417 IMG_9413

We got some cool stuff and saw some awesome things. It’s always nice to be surrounded by your own (cough::nerds::cough) when normally people in Cincinnati aren’t the most welcoming of anything different.

IMG_9445 IMG_9425 IMG_9449

9/13 – Soccer with Mamaw, Papaw, and TrentIMG_9524 IMG_9522

9/18-9/19 – Mini-trip for my birthday

Josh surprised me with a trip to Northern Ohio for my birthday. We drove up and stayed in Port Clinton, OH for the night. IMG_9865

We spent Friday on Put-in-Bay, an island just off the shore of the mainland. You have to take a ferry to the island cause it’s the only way to get there. IMG_9908

Josh was so mesmerized by all the water. IMG_9948 IMG_9928 

He kept saying he thought all of Ohio looked like Cincinnati (metropolitan) or farmland. He had no idea there really was a beach in the state. The island was fun, but expensive. The only things we bought were all $1 on clearance. lol. Oh and drinks at the worlds longest bar. IMG_9910

We ate a restaurant back in Port Clinton for dinner called Crosswinds, and Josh is still talking about it. I got the rueben pizza, and it was ah-mazing! We’ve already copied the recipe here at home.

It was so good it deserves its own picture
It was so good it deserves its own picture

We also went and saw the Marblehead lighthouse before we left.  

IMG_9968 IMG_9990

It was so beautiful up on the lake (even with the overcast). Josh has already said he can’t wait to go back.

It was so nice but so strange to be away from the girls. It was quiet, and we could talk to each other without being interrupted every other word, and we got to pick what we wanted to listen to on the radio! It was so nice.


But, as moms do, I missed them like crazy and was so happy to see them when we got home. It was nice to get away for the night and recharge. It was definitely needed.

9/20 – Soccer with Oma, Jean, Auntie Ang, Mike, and Lisa 


9/21 – Mattie’s 4 month check up

Oma took Ellabelle home with her after soccer on Sunday because I had to take Mattie to the doctor’s for her check up. She’s gained almost 3.5lbs and has grown over 2 inches. She looks chunky, but she’s in the 41 percentile for both height and weight so she’s proportionate. She got four shots and an oral vaccine, and she was not happy about any of it. 


After I picked up Ellabelle from Oma’s, I had to run to Hobby Lobby. I told her if she was good that she could pick out anything she wanted. She always begs for candy so I figured that’s what she’d pick. Honestly, I thought she wouldn’t be good. She was extremely well behaved (bribes do work sometimes, I guess) and picked out a christmas tree. I tried to convince her that she wanted candy or a toy or art supplies, but no. So I ran with it. I got her lights and ornaments too. She loves her “sparkle tree” (because its too early to have a christmas tree out) IMG_0104

9/23 – Playground day

I took the girls to the playground per Ellabelle’s request. I had never attempted this alone before, and it was as hard as I expected. I wore Mattie, and Ellabelle insisted on wearing her Elsa dress.

 IMG_0226 IMG_0166

She kept saying she had to see Elsa and Anna at the playground and wailed about it as we left. I can’t believe she remembers going to see them at a playground over a year before and have no idea how she even got it in her head that we were going to go see them that day!

July 2014 - How does she remember this?!
July 2014 – How does she remember this?!

9/26 – Max’s birthday party, Cincinnati Rollergirls game, and Josh’s guys night.

Max’s party was over in Northern Kentucky. It was a monster themed party so I dressed Ellabelle up as a witch and out Mattie in her monster onesie and tutu. Problem was it was so windy that Ellabelle’s hat kept flying off. IMG_0362IMG_0379

There was food and games and a playground (which was Ellabelle’s favorite part). IMG_0365 IMG_0428IMG_0371

We got to see people we don’t get the chance to see very often which was really nice. I wish there was more time to fit more outings with friends in, but with only one income and two kids to hull around now it’s just become harder and harder.

After that we met Lisa at her house and met her two little kittens she’s taking care of. Ellabelle was in love cause she loves animals. We then went to the CRG game. It wasn’t at their usual facility (the Cincinnati Gardens), but I think it was more fun at this place. IMG_0429IMG_0389

Josh left halfway through the first game to head to Indiana for his guys night. That left me with both girls, but luckily Lisa loves helping out with them. Ellabelle got bored which is typical of a three year old. So, Lisa found some cones and she played with them.  IMG_0406

Halftime came and they had a dance competition for moms with sons and dads with daughters so Ellabelle and I couldn’t enter. That didn’t stop Ellabelle though. She ran out into the middle of the track and shook it off! She came back to me when the music stopped, and when the started it again she was gone. She got cheers from the stands as she ran back out. Sailor Scary, one of the rollergirls, went out and danced with her. IMG_0415IMG_0408

After halftime, Ellabelle kept trying to run back out on to the track because “I play rollergirls, mommy!!” I had to keep a super close eye on her. Once the game was over, I let Ellabelle finally “play” on the track (aka run around in circles).

I got them home and in bed with no problems which was a small triumph since it was my first time hauling them in and putting them to bed alone.

9/27 – Soccer and Aunt Naoma’s birthday party

Every Sunday we fight with Ellabelle to keep working the whole hour of soccer practice. She gets tired and wants to just sit and watch. 


This practice was a full on battle. Josh got her to work for 30 mins, but then she came a laid down on the blanket I had out of Mattie. She was so tired from her no-nap busy day the day before that I didn’t blame her. IMG_0421

We had to be all the way in Germantown anyways so we left early. It’s a good thing we left early too because they ended the party an hour early so if we had stayed the whole time everyone might’ve been gone. Mattie got to meet her Great-Great Aunt. 12074849_10207813756091067_2054770987960855525_n

She was pretty cranky from her busy day the day before as well. So, it was ultimately a good thing that it ended early. We got to go home and rest before a busy week. IMG_0427

9/28 – Amy took a city test for Clerk Typist 3

Not much to report here. I took the test. Oma and Opa watched the girls. No results have been posted for it yet. IMG_0462IMG_0492

And now we’re into October (well into it, I’m afraid. I’ve been so behind on posting). We’ve been booked solid this month as well. I thought we might have a break to slow down before the madness of the holidays starts, but it looks like we’re gonna be busy until January at this point! I’ll update October’s madness at a later date, but here’s a little taste of the season to hold you over. IMG_9481

Mattie’s Birth Story

May 19, 2015

We had a surprisingly calm morning before we headed to the hospital. Ellabelle and Maisy were already at my parents, and the cats were watered and fed.  IMG_3693_2

We arrived and parked and made our way into the hospital. They checked me in and sent me back to triage. Josh had to wait til I was changed to come back. They hooked me up to an IV and started tracking the baby.  Much to my surprise, I was having contractions. The nurses were surprised that I couldn’t feel them. We had to wait two hours while I got antibiotics and whatever other stuff that comes down through an IV before a csection. They had another csection scheduled before mine so the nurses came and went. Most of the time it was just Josh and me waiting and reading. They had him put on scrubs which I thought he looked mighty nice in.

Finally, they came and got me. I had to walk down the hallway to the operating room. It was big and bright and cold. I got up on the table and they had me sit hunched over a pillow so that they could do the spinal. That was honestly the worst part. I got three little pricks of local anesthetic and then he tried to administer the meds. However, I kept getting really bad pains in both of my legs. Finally, with some coaching from my doctor, I was relaxed enough that he got it in. It took another two pricks of anesthetic before that happened though. IMG_3705_2 Then I had to lay down and they put me on oxygen through the nose tube they use. They drapped me and I could feel them drawing on me. Finally, Josh got to join the party. He sat at my head. I was shocked at how quickly the medicine numbed me. Above me was a huge light, and, lucky me, I could see everything in the reflection.

They started working on opening my original incision, and the smell of the my flesh being open was, to quote Josh, “Literally the worse smell I’ve ever smelled!” He said he wanted to throw up. At 1:22pm, she was out and screaming (unlike her sister). IMG_3709 They told me what a perfect round head she had and took her to be cleaned off. Josh asked for permission to leave me and go see her which I told him to do. He took pictures and video while they worked on closing me up. My doctor told me everything inside of me looked great and healthy and that I should consider having more beautiful babies. It was uncomfortable while the doctors worked. I couldn’t exactly feel anything. I just knew I didn’t like it and wanted them to hurry up and get done.

Josh came back over and told me she was beautiful, and she had peed all over the nurses. Josh then proceeded to dance in the operating room. He left me again, and I tried to avoid looking up and seeing what they were doing. However, it was hard not to, and the only thing I remember vividly seeing was blood pouring out and the doctors sucking it up.

When Josh finally came back to me again, he let me know that they were worried because she had an irregular heartbeat. A pediatrician was coming to check her out. The ped told us that it wasn’t abnormal for it to happen with newborns, and he’d come back and check her the next day. While he was there checking on her, she managed to get his finger in her mouth (not sure if he offered or she took). It was the first indication of her love of the pacifier. IMG_3721_2

They finished cleaning her off, and Josh was finally able to come and sit and show me the little girl I had been waiting 9 months to meet. She was beautiful, and all I could think was she looked so much like her big sister. Josh handed her to me after they finished and moved me to my bed. From there, we were wheeled back to triage. I stuck my finger in her mouth because she was crying, and she calmed down. IMG_3729_2 The nurse asked if I though she was hungry and, based on the way she was trying to inhale my finger, I gave a confident, “Yes.” She ate her first bottle like a champ. IMG_3735_2 Josh held her for a bit before giving her back to me so we could be taken to our room. IMG_3736_2

After that it was all kind of a blur. We were wheeled to our room, and Josh began calling people. Oma and Opa got there first with the new big sister! I don’t think Ellabelle understood exactly what was going on. Oma helped introduce the two, IMG_3749 and Ellabelle gave Mattie the porcupine toy she picked out for her new sister. IMG_3759 The nurse came in and gave Mattie a bath, and she had Ellabelle scrub her head with the bar of soap. More people arrived, and Mattie got to meet her Papaw, Mamaw, and Trent, her Auntie Ang, grandma Viv, and Cathy who works at the same hospital. Tuesday night was pretty peaceful. We got some decent enough sleep. 

Wednesday was very quiet. I had to move around the room and try and get used to having legs again. We had no visitors, and just enjoyed the day with our Mattie girl. IMG_3816 The pediatrician came in and checked on Matilda’s heart sounds and said that she sounded just fine and gave her a clean bill of health. Josh had to go home for more clothes in the evening because I had stolen his tshirts. Mattie also had her routine tests and shot that day.

Thursday was an important day for us – May 21, 2015. Josh and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, and we got to take home our second baby. We were both discharged. IMG_3913 It took a while to get all the paper work signed off on, and we got her hospital pictures taken while we waited. 11289451_10100930637851590_241425357349601735_o Finally, after waiting patiently, they were ready to wheel us down to the lobby to go. IMG_3925 It was a much different experience than at Christ. They didn’t have to check that we had Mattie in her carseat correctly. They didn’t require me to hold her on my lap on the way down (I did anyways). It was just way more relaxed. We luckily got Mattie in the car with no carseat troubles (unlike her sister). We came home to a nice quiet house, and we slept as much as possible before Ellabelle came home the next day. IMG_3930