The day of love <3

Here’s the thing. I love love. I think the world needs a lot more of it. I think it conquers all. I truly believe that Beatles were right when they sang, “All you need is love.”

And February 14th is a day created to celebrate all the love in our lives. Sure, it’s morphed into a horrible, money obsessed, Hallmark holiday, but the core of the day is still there.

As a kid, I liked Valentine’s Day. You made cards for the whole class and everyone got a valentine. Then in the 4th grade, they quit making us give the entire class cards, and I began hating the holiday. It was just another popularity contest in my opinion. It made me sad cause I hardly got any cards from anyone. Then in high school it became about what your boyfriend sent you at school and date dances which made me feel like a complete loser because I never had a boyfriend or a date to dances. In college, I had a boyfriend and we did the gifts and stuff and it was great. It was nice to know I had a valentine for the day. For Valentine’s 2010, Josh even went as far as to buy me a puppy for Valentine’s Day. Maisy will remain the greatest valentine gift I’ve ever received.


But still, I don’t know, it’s never been a holiday that I get all giddy about. Until, Valentine’s Day 2013. Yes, it’s just another thing that’s changed since I’ve become a mom. I love Valentine’s Day now that I have a little valentine. I get to dress her up each year and make Valentine’s with her each year and share sweets with her.


The thing about this holiday now that I’m a mom is I realize it isn’t about getting the flowers or diamond from a boy. It’s about love. My world has been grounded back into the true meaning of the holiday. This is a whole day dedicated to feeling and sharing the greatest gift anyone can ever have – to love and be loved. There is nothing more important than that. It’s hard having a toddler who destroys the living room you just cleaned on a daily basis and who doesn’t understand inside voices yet. It’s hard having a spouse who’s gone for 10 hours a day. It’s hard to remember to stop and pet the dog or cat between baths and books and bedtime. Its hard not to just give your husband a quick peck on cheek and go to sleep at night.

And so, on the calendar, there is a day – a day I mark with a heart every year and then I go through and add birthdays. It’s a whole day dedicated to remembering why you do the things you do day in and day out. To remember that you love that loud singing toddler who’s kicking toys at the sleeping cat more than anything else on this planet. A day to stop and snuggle the puppy and to let the cat lounge by your head in bed. A day to spend dinner with your husband talking to each other about whatever you want because there’s no toddler in a high chair to have to try and keep happy at the table. It’s a day to stop and be thankful for the ones you love and be even more thankful for the ones who love you. Granted, it’s something you should stop and do that every day, but life, unfortunately, gets in the way of that more often than not. So I love that little reminder on the calendar each February.

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I know I did. I’m gonna focus on trying to bring the hearts and love into my life more often. Cause “love is all you need.”


All you need is love <3

This weekend was all about love. No it wasn’t the kind of love you’ll find in a greeting card or on the calendar. It wasn’t a birthday or an anniversary. It was just simply a weekend filled with things we love.

Like this guy:

This proclaimed nerd spent his weekend surrounded by the things and people loves: comic books and comic book artist.

It was Cincy Comicon’s first ever weekend and Josh volunteered all three days. He met a lot if his favorite artists (he even got a high five initiated from one if them), bought some comics,

found his next tattoo,
20130909-235024.jpg and shared with Ellabelle (and me) his love of the world of comics.


EB and I only went on Saturday, but it was a good time. And I got to meet someone I love – R2D2!!!

20130909-235113.jpg Yeah, I went totally fan girl on the little robot.


On Saturday morning, before the ComiCon, Josh and I (EB was with Oma and Opa) took Maisy for a nice long walk followed by a car ride. Puppygirl was in heaven. She rarely gets leisure walks anymore let alone the undivided attention of mommy AND the fat man. So even Maisy got to do something she loves – be with me.


Ellabelle and I spent Sunday with my mom and dad at their house while Josh was at the con. She loves being in the kitchen and isn’t currently allowed in ours so she was so happy to hang out in Oma’s while she cooked.

20130909-235149.jpg Plus Bengals football is back. We love us some football! (Even though they lost) OH AND I got a Sunday afternoon nap in with both my girls. That is something we all three love.


Something else I love that I convinced Josh to do was to go swimming. I’m a waterbug, and, thankfully, I passed the love into Ellabelle. We took a dusk swim and got the pool all to ourselves on Sunday night. Ellabelle was so happy and had so much fun. She slept good that night!


So, while I’m sure I could write lines if poetry dedicated to my child and beloved pup, you will not find any sonnets written for the things we enjoyed this weekend. (Especially since I HATE sonnets). We had an amazing weekend. I got spend time with my baby girl as well as my puppygirl. Josh got some nerd time in without having to sacrifice time with me and EB and without boring us half to death. And EB got to hang out with Oma and Opa and play with the “big bathtub”. It was a nice little reminder of what matters most in life: the things (and people) you love.



The month of March is said to come in like a lion and out like a lamb. It refers to wind and weather usually, but it can definitely be applied to our lives this month. There was no lamb though. Our month has been all lion – roaring and fast and exciting. That’s not a bad thing either. It’s strange for us. It’s different, but it’s good.

The beginning of the month has been filled with questions about jobs with the roar of uncertainty. Will they sell Josh’s department? Will I get this job? Josh’s job is still up in the air. Who knows when we’ll get an official answer. On the 6th, I got the go ahead for my job! Roar. So, on the 11th, I started my job which means another paycheck on the way! This meant that we started our new schedule. Ellabelle took a little adjusting to having mommy in the morning and just daddy in the evening. Maisy is still mad about me leaving her every day though. I’m excited to have a job that I’m actually kinda enjoying. There’s lots of work to keep me busy which is what I love. So I’m exhausted and I miss seeing Josh, but I get time with my EB, we’re saving money on daycare, and I’m happy. Roar.


St Patrick’s Day was this weekend. DSCN7680

We rocked the green and the beads. Ellabelle was all about the beads. Girl loves beads. She was so happy to have clinky, shiny things to pull on and put in her mouth and play with. DSCN7690

We went to the C&D monthly brunch. DSCN7676Then we went to Rooties which was not officially part of the Cheviot pub crawl, but was right there. So EB hit two bars for her 1st St. Paddy’s Day. It was cool being at Rooties since it was were my parents met (it was called PJs back then). DSCN7691

We had a quiet evening at home after that which was a perfect way to end the weekend. Quiet can be good. It’s its own kind of roar. So, roar.


There’s a lot to look forward to for the rest of the month. We’ve got EBs first Cincinnati Rollergirls games. (There’s some sheep for the month!) 543937_10100205909702610_891440928_n

 Then Sunday it’s fake easter with Fulmers. 733746_10100208846701840_1999183604_n

The following weekend is actual Easter. So, excited for EBs 1st visit from the easter bunny! Roar. Roar. And Roar. IMAG0822

 March is kickass this year. Roar. 22474_576390272620_6085959_n

My girls

I’ve been a mommy since July 2009. That’s when I became a kitty mommy to Jericho and Bellini. I loved watching my boys play with paper and beat the crap out of each other like kittens do.


Then in February 2010, I became a puppy mommy to my little chi, Maisy. Being a puppymom was pretty much the same as being a kittymom except that I had to take her outside. Well, sorta. Dogs are obviously different from cats. Cats are self sufficient. I’m their mommy by term alone, but for Maisy I am her mommy. I take care of her and love on her like she’s a baby.


Both these mommy experiences prepared me for July 2012 when I became an actual mommy. However, nothing can really prepare or compare to having your own little newborn, this tiny little person you grow inside of you and know for 9 months before anyone else gets a chance to.

 DSCN0019first pic as a new mommy
100_0512I look awful but after being awake for over 30hrs, being in labor of most of it, and then having an emergency csection I guess i could’ve looked worse

There have been adjustments made since Ellabelle came into our lives. The cats have become Josh’s cats. They already kinda were his from when I moved from Columbus to Cincinnati for almost 5 months without all three of my boys. Once the baby got here, it was solidified though (Jericho is still a momma’s boy at heart though.)


Maisy, however, has long claimed me as her “person”, a title I have long be proud of. However, being a mommy to Maisy and a mommy to Ellabelle has been a hard adjustment for me. I felt for a longtime that I wasn’t giving Maisy the attention she A) had been getting and B) should be getting. I was so wrapped up in my little baby I forgot about my chibaby. I was also freaked out because I know Maisy’s life is so short compared to mine and I wanted to make sure she gets everything she deserves in her years with us. She deserves the best for being the best little dog. She’s my first baby. She made me a mommy. She prepared me for my little EB.


So, I had to make some adjustments. Luckily, Ellabelle has since started sleeping in her room (allowing for more Maisytime at night and in the morning), and Maisy has fallen in love with the baby too. So, when I’m holding the baby, Maisy is doubley happy to just sit with both of us.

My girls. ❤


They have my heart. I love them both so dearly, and I am so thankful each day that Josh has given them to me. (Maisy was a Valentine’s day gift). Every day they both test my patience and both demand snuggletime, and the latter I am perfectly fine with.