So, I hate sitting around and doing nothing. I feel like it’s a total waste of time. So, I keep my hands busy. All my projects have seemed to revolve around my girls since they’ve gotten here, and lately has been no exception.

Project #1 – Baseball

We went to the Reds game this weekend, and the actual MLB merchandise is so expensive that I knew I’d have to make the girls outfits for the day.

Mattie’s was fairly simple – paint red stitches on a white onesie so she looked like a tiny baseball. A little sparkly red puffy paint, and that was done. A twist here, a dab of hot glue there, and a bow was added to the outfit too. IMG_8892

I made her a red and white tutu out of tulle to go with it. I was covered in glitter by the time I finished making it, and she was covered in it by the time it came off. I will not be using glitter tulle again, but she did look absolutely adorable. IMG_9045

Ellabelle’s was a little more work. I bought a white bandana and used it as my material for the design. I cut it out the shape of Ohio and used fabric glue to apply it the shirt. I removed the sleeves for her and added some white ribbon for bows cause I knew that it was going to be hot. IMG_8886

Project #2 – Bath Chart

With two kids and two cats and a dog and a house to keep up on, its easy to lose track of what day it is. So, in order to keep track of at least bath times, I wanted to create a chart. I’m a list maker so having it right there in front of me eliminates the conversation that happens more than I’d like to admit – “What day is it? Did (insert name here) get a bath yesterday or the day before?”

So, we bought a magnetic dry erase board. It was cheap and easy to find since it’s back to school time. Add a few lines and names and *bing-bang-boom* you got yourself a bath chart. I used colored card stock in 7 different colors and added the days of the week to them. IMG_8836

Slap on a piece of magnet, and we just switch them out with each bath, and we’ll never wonder which kid is the stinky one again. IMG_8834

Project #3 – Christmas Shirt for EB

So, the most recent project I made was a tshirt for Ellabelle for christmas time. I knew what I wanted it to say and found a few online, but they were all very masculine. I’m not opposed to putting Ellabelle in boys clothing, but these were all very dark colored with weird fonts so I decided to make my own girlier version. I found this wonderful leather type of material in the felt aisle at Hobby Lobby. IMG_8865

I cut out the words IMG_8864 

lined them up, and used my trusty fabric glue to put them on the shirt. IMG_8867

Much prettier than the boys ones. Now all she needs is a pair of christmas pants or a skirt to go with it.

I’m currently working on some more things (not big surprise there) that I’m really excited about it. I can’t wait to finish them and share more!