About Us

This is me, AmyScreenshot_2013-03-08-09-12-12-1

I’m like to read and write.
I also like to do crafts and find ways to just generally make a mess

Screenshot_2013-03-08-09-10-00-1 I can bake like it’s nobody’s business.
I’m not so good at cooking though.
I am a lifetime Cincinnatian (except for the 2 years I lived in Columbus).
I’m a mommy, a wife, a bengals fan, a puppy enthusiast, and I think bow ties are cool.


This is Josh.


He is a comic book nerd. He loves Star Wars and He-Man.

We got married in May of 2011. CD-0784e

This is Bellini and JerichoIMAG0432

They are my first babies. I complain about them a lot.
They really belong to Josh now.
Jericho is fluffy and fearless (except when it comes to thunderstorms).
Bellini is a chicken who likes to play with toys and hide. 

This is Maisy
aka Moo389191_876341587780_50902943_37198710_1835012751_n

She’s a long hair chihuahua. She is my puppy girl.
She has a gambling problem. We’re trying to get her help.
She is sweet and loyal and prances around when she’s excited.
Oh, and she still hasn’t learned not to go to the bathroom in the house.

This is Ellabelle.


She’s my big one. She made me a mommy.
She’s smart and funny and sweet.
She’s also stubborn and ornery and very, very clumsy.
We love her very much, but don’t let the sweet face fool you.
She’s really a demon. Hence, why we call her demon baby.

This is Matilda.
aka Mattie

She’s my little one. She’s still pretty new around.
She’s very calm and loves to smile and giggle.
Unless she wants to be held which is a lot of the time.
She’s our little stinkbug and our Mattie Monster.


I love being their mommy and watching them both grow.


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