☀️ June 🍹

Put in bay

I took a family girls trip with my mom, aunt, and two of my cousin’s wives. We went up to the island for the weekend. We had a blast.

It was a much needed weekend away from the responsibilities of work and motherhood. It let me miss my babies and be so happy to be back to them upon return.


Ellabelle started daycamp, and she loved it. She had swim lessons, and she is much more confident in the water now.

The best part was they wore her out so she went to bed willingly almost every night.

Mattie’s first haircut

It took three years, but Mattie’s hair was finally long enough to get a trim. She had a tiny baby mullet with the way her hair grew in – long in the back and short on the sides. She was so excited for the cut. It made her feel so special and, of course, she had to rub it in her sister’s face that she got a lollipop.

Josh’s surgery

Between lifting the girls and lifting heavy items at work, Josh ended up tearing his rotator cuff. He did physical therapy. It didn’t help. So, he needed surgery. It was an early morning (had to be at the hospital at 5am) but it went super smoothly. He’s been recovering really well, and every medical person he’s encountered since has been amazed at his range of motion.

Father’s day

Indy day trip

Josh and I took a day trip to Indy while the girls were gone for a night. We went looking for flea markets (for Josh) and the art museum (for me).

We also ate at this amazing German restaurant – The Rathskeller.

The real reason for the visit was to go to the Doctor Who museum/store cause we’re nerds and we love the Doctor.

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