So….I posted about spring break and Easter without realizing that I completely overlooked March.

It kinda sums up the month though.

I usually despise the lull of the new year. Our lives are pretty quiet during the winter months. We sorta hibernate until the rush of social events returns with the warmer weather. So we spent a lot of time just hanging out at home.

I can tell I’m getting old because I really like going home right after work which wasn’t the case a year or two ago.

Don’t get me wrong. We still did things. This is me we’re talking about. I would never be able to just sit at home for an entire month.

The girls spent a day with Auntie Ang – 1) because they missed her and wanted to see her and 2) so we could handle some important Easter shopping.

Ellabelle had Dr. Seuss week at school. Each day had a theme:

Monday – Cat in the Hat Day (stripes and hats)

Tuesday – Fox in Sox Day (crazy socks)

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday

Thursday – Green Eggs and Ham Day (green)

Friday – Favorite Dr. Seuss character

And can I take a second and say how proud I am of this girl:

She’s doing amazing in kindergarten. She can read so well. She can do basic arithmetic. Her teacher says she’s a good listener (not that I’ve seen this). She loves doing homework and sharing what she’s learning. I can only hope her enthusiasm for school stays this strong going forward.

We went to see the Cincinnati Rollergirls.

We didn’t stay long. Mattie was miserable the whole time. We found out later on that she had strep.

For St. Patrick’s Day, we ended up at a bowling birthday party for one of our friends kids.

And went and saw our niece, Alex, in her school’s play.

The weather was cold almost the whole month. I always hope that winters grip will loosen during the month, but it’s still cold now almost halfway into April. And that was March.

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