So….I posted about spring break and Easter without realizing that I completely overlooked March.

It kinda sums up the month though.

I usually despise the lull of the new year. Our lives are pretty quiet during the winter months. We sorta hibernate until the rush of social events returns with the warmer weather. So we spent a lot of time just hanging out at home.

I can tell I’m getting old because I really like going home right after work which wasn’t the case a year or two ago.

Don’t get me wrong. We still did things. This is me we’re talking about. I would never be able to just sit at home for an entire month.

The girls spent a day with Auntie Ang – 1) because they missed her and wanted to see her and 2) so we could handle some important Easter shopping.

Ellabelle had Dr. Seuss week at school. Each day had a theme:

Monday – Cat in the Hat Day (stripes and hats)

Tuesday – Fox in Sox Day (crazy socks)

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday

Thursday – Green Eggs and Ham Day (green)

Friday – Favorite Dr. Seuss character

And can I take a second and say how proud I am of this girl:

She’s doing amazing in kindergarten. She can read so well. She can do basic arithmetic. Her teacher says she’s a good listener (not that I’ve seen this). She loves doing homework and sharing what she’s learning. I can only hope her enthusiasm for school stays this strong going forward.

We went to see the Cincinnati Rollergirls.

We didn’t stay long. Mattie was miserable the whole time. We found out later on that she had strep.

For St. Patrick’s Day, we ended up at a bowling birthday party for one of our friends kids.

And went and saw our niece, Alex, in her school’s play.

The weather was cold almost the whole month. I always hope that winters grip will loosen during the month, but it’s still cold now almost halfway into April. And that was March.

Hoppy Easter! 🐰💐

This Easter, I decided that I was going to let Josh take the reins. I let him to pick out all the candy and gifts and fill all the eggs. I kicked back and let him hide everything. It was so nice to actually just enjoy the holiday without the added stress I usually put on myself. Josh handled it all beautifully, and Easter was a great success.
















April Fools!

I mean, Easter fell on April 1st this year so… Anyways, I didn’t leave any of the Easter prep to Josh. Our Easter was a success (that wasn’t a joke), and I did enjoy the holiday, but it would’ve been mayhem and I would’ve died of an aneurysm if I left it all to Josh. Easter isn’t a good holiday for him and I love it so, trust me when I say, he didn’t care that I did it all.

Easter started the weekend before when we went to have Easter breakfast at Josh’s mom’s house. We practice the curlers in the girls hair for it. Thank goodness we did because I used the smallest curlers in Matilda’s hair, and it was atrocious. So, we got the right size figured out and they looked adorable.

I did spaz the night before Easter (mostly because the weather did not cooperate again!), but we made sure the house was ready for the Easter Bunny, and he came and did his work.

The bunny left us chocolate seeds for the night before (instead of the usual magic jelly beans) which the girls planted in rice because of the rain.

They “bloomed” by the next morning.

We told the girls to wait in bed for us when they woke up, and we’d come get them when it was time to egg hunt, and it’s a good thing we did! Mr. Business had knocked a few eggs out of their hiding places and even opened a few! Bad Business! Anyways, the girls raced out to the living room in their nightgowns with their foam curlers in their hair, and I just sat there taking in all the joy.

When I found out Matilda was going a girl, Easter morning was one of the things I looked forward to the most. It’s just something that was so a part of my childhood – the curly hair and pretty dresses and running around like crazy with my sister – that I wanted so much for my girls. And there it was. It was everything and more for my mama heart.

Mattie was a beast at hunting eggs. Ellabelle would not stop talking long enough to really look.

They had a blast even if we were stuck inside. We went out to brunch with Oma, Opa, Auntie Ang, and Aunt B Nanna. Everyone (and I feel like that’s not even an exaggeration) loved the girls in their dresses.

These dresses were worn by Angie and I when we were younger. I honestly think my mom saved them in hopes that there’d be little granddaughters to wear them in the future someday. She was so excited when she saw them.

We colored eggs at Oma and Opa’s as well. Mattie cracked at least two by dropping them in the water. She was a little rough with them. Ellabelle was very meticulous with hers.

I ended up not feeling well, and just Josh took the girls to Mamaw and Papaw’s that night. They got even more candy there, and, let me tell you, the sugar high was real in our house that night.

Fake Easter with the Fulmers was the weekend after. The girls wore their frilly dresses again. They both love playing with their cousins, and they would not stop talking about it this past week.

Lexi and Mattie hunted eggs together. Mattie was very sweet and let Lexi have a few of the eggs. At one point, she went racing across the yard because she saw an egg, wiped out, lost both shoes, jumped up and kept running, barefoot, and told us, “Gotta get that egg!”

Ellabelle didn’t too bad either looking for eggs. They ended up with $17 each to spend at Toys R Us on the way home.

Now with Easter out of the way, we move on to April and, hopefully, warmer weather. Next up for us is Miss Matilda’s 3rd (😱) birthday! So, obviously, I’ve already started planning.

Spring Break Cookies 🍪

Over Ellabelle’s spring break, I took two days off with her. We were supposed to hang out and watch movies and paint our nails and make cookies. I even let her pick the cookies we made. She didn’t want sliced with pictures or blocks you break and bake. She wanted to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. Fine by me👌🏻🍪 They taste better, and ended up being cheaper because the only thing we actually had to go buy was a bag of chocolate chips.

She literally could not stop talking about making cookies with me. She told her teacher at school on Friday. She asked me every day that weekend. She told Oma and Opa about it when they watched her on Monday.

Well, as it always seems to go, it didn’t go as planned.

To quote Ellabelle: “Wah. Wah. Wah.” 🙁

We got breakfast, ran errands, and hung out at the library on Tuesday. She’s loves the library so this was super exciting for her. I planned to do cookies with her on Wednesday because it was supposed to rain that day.

Well, cookie day arrived, and I ended up being so so sick because of a stomach bug. I seriously couldn’t get out of bed. And this little girl was the best tiny mommy ever. She took care of me all day and kept checking to see if I was ok. I could barely get out of bed to feed her. Thankfully, she was happy to live off the poptarts and Doritos within her reach in the kitchen.

The strange part was she wasn’t even mad about not making cookies. That’s saying a whole lot for this tiny girl with big emotions. I, on the other hand, was devastated. I didn’t want to let her down. I had envisioned this fun spring break day, and it just didn’t happen.

I promised her we’d make them once I felt better. And then on Saturday, we were finally able to make them. Josh took Matilda to the grocery with him so that it was just Ellabelle and me (which was a very very important part of cookie making). And to make up for having to delay it, we made unicorn cookies 🦄 (which are actually just purple, pink, and blue chocolate chip cookies, but don’t tell her).

I let Ellabelle do as much as she wanted with making them. She even let me help break the eggs. We had a few distractions – mainly a little blue gray kitty who was confused by all the sights and sounds – but she was so happy the entire time.

Once the first tray of cookies were in, she immediately lost interest and abandoned me to go watch cartoons. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Granted, I don’t let her take the hot trays out of the oven (even though she tried again and again to convince me otherwise), and I pretty sure that I always do the same thing to my mom once we’re down to the last trays at Christmas 😂

Sneaking a taste

I love spending one on one time with the girls because they’re both so different when they’re by themselves. You’re able to see a softer side because they aren’t competing with each other to shine. I’m hoping the love of baking continues to grow inside of both my girls. I mean, they’re going to have to take up the torch of Christmas cookies someday.

So, rescheduled cookie day was a success. Matilda is still asking for unicorn cookies even though they’ve all beeneaten. 😂