Any entire month of love

So, I did a nice little recap about the day of love, and I was sitting here thinking about the entire month of February. I’ve established that I’m not a huge fan of this month. The weather can be a bit bi-polar between the hot and the cold. However, looking back on this particular February, I feel like it was actually a pretty okay month. I mean, Valentine’s Day is all about love, but our whole month seemed to revolve around the theme this year. Maybe it’s because the girls are getting older and seem to better understand things so their enthusiasm for simple things rubs off on us. Or maybe February was simply just better than usual this year. Either way, I’m not complaining.

Things we loved this month:

Getting old

So, while watching both my girls grow and become such interesting, and sometimes infuriating, little individuals, we had a different kind of growing old happen this month. Ellabelle’s school celebrated hitting the 100th day of school by having all the kids turn 100. So, I present: Louise.

She’s a cranky old lady who yells at kids for being on her lawn and really shouldn’t be driving anymore but still does because she loves to hold up the line at the grocery store by counting out pennies and chatting with the cashier who stands uncomfortably the entire time trying to politely ease her on her way.

We also got a number out of 100 assigned to us as our family monthly homework to decorate creatively. We got 16, and Josh came up with the great idea to make it a golf club and flag. So, I cut and Ellabelle glued it all on. Personally, I think it was the best one out of the hundred, but I obviously biased.

Cute tiny things

We love cute tiny things in this house. From tiny toebeans on kitties to tiny baby socks to adorable little action figures, we love it all. Recently though, our love has grown for specific tiny things. Matilda has become obsessed with BB-8 from Star Wars. She had a pez dispenser with him on it, and then she got a huge one for Christmas. Then, while shopping for Valentine’s gifts, we found a BB-8 pajama onesie and matching slippers. She is a Star Wars nerd already

Our house has also been obsessed with Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. The girls reenact the opening dance sequence of the second movie every time it’s on. Mattie has a “life size” version of him. They’ve watched this movie so much that Josh “banned” it for two weeks. They watched it the next day anyways.

And February would not be complete without everyone’s favorite marmot. While I think entrusting a giant rodent to predict our weather forecast is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of, I am a fan of woodchucks (which is the same things as a groundhog), and Ellabelle was so excited about him popping out. She talked about it up to the day, made a sweet headband I stole once she got home, and talked about him all that night. We are definitely suckers for fuzzy little animals in our house.

Watching my girls interact with their peers

So, since starting kindergarten, Ellabelle has started making friends and developing more significant relationships with them than she did with the kids at her preschool. I love being able to see her play and speak to her friends. I’ve always been shy and my anxiety has always kept me from being a social butterfly, but my girls both are 🦋

We went to the Valentine’s Day dance and Ellabelle was all about being with her friends over us. What’s even more amazing is she let little sister come along.

They both had a blast at the dance. Mattie even threw a colossal fit when it was time to leave.

With the new friends comes birthday parties, and her friend Avery’s was this month. It was at Splash Cincinnati, and, I pulling a rookie mom move, forgot her water wings. I had my swimsuit so I spent the first half of the party holding her and catching her off slides. I was the only parent in the water 😳 but I’m so glad I was because she would’ve gone under and not come back up without me there.

Thankfully, daddy saved the day and brought us a pair of water wings so she could run around with her friends. She had a blast. I love seeing her relationships grow and I hope some of her friends are with her in 1st grade next year so they can keep growing.

Maisy Moo

February 12th is honestly the biggest holiday in the month of February in our house simply because Maisy is the real princess of our house.

Making her a birthday crown has become an ongoing tradition that she absolutely hates. She shakes and shakes to get it off. She puts up with my insanity because she really is the best dog.

For her birthday, she even got to go for a car ride to come visit me at work

She is beloved by all of us (even Josh who won’t usually admit it). She got so many kisses, treats, and belly rubs because we adore our puppy girl!

Puppies in general

We ended up needing to go to the library one night, and we just so happened to be there on the read to the puppies night! (The program has a much more elegant name, but I can’t remember what it is) Matilda was with us this time, and she loved it as well. Again, there’s not much better in the world than puppies and books and babies.

Lions and meerkats and hippos, oh my!

Over President’s Day’s 3-day weekend (4 day for Ellabelle), we got to use our zoo pass that Santa brought for the first time this year. Plus, we finally got to meet Fiona!

We went at a really good time because the animals had all been fed, and they were all pretty active.

Ellabelle’s favorite was the big male lion because “he looks just like Jericho!” She’s even started asking me to fluff up the hair around Jericho’s face and make him look like a lion.

Mattie didn’t seem to have a favorite. She was really excited about the ostriches which is ironic because she hates birds. I guess they probably don’t count as a bird to a 2 year old though cause they’re so big and don’t fly at you.

Flea marketing

This is really Josh’s love, but I love seeing him babywearing 😂

Valentine’s Day 💘

So, I wrote about Valentine’s Day, but here’s the visual recap of the day:


Before we met, Josh was a movie buff. As our lives have gone on and become more complicated and “grown up”, his time to spend on watching movies has declined. So, when we get the time for movies, he’s a very happy boy. And when it’s a new marvel movie, he’s even happier. So, we got Mamaw and Papaw to watch the girls so we could go see Black Panther.

We also snuck in a movie night at home. I love Harry Potter. It’s the fandom that owns the biggest piece of my fangirl heart. So, when Josh suggested introducing the girls to Harry Potter, you know I went all out. I got the candy and made Butterbeer milkshakes. Mattie went to bed halfway through, but Ellabelle seemed to really enjoy it once I managed to get her to stop talking. I’ve decided to wait and have her read the books before letting her watch the rest of the movies though because I feel that’s the best way to really experience Hogwarts. So, we’ll wait and see.

Mr. Business

And, of course, a Mr. Business update because his charm has not worn off yet. He has become even more affectionate and loves both the girls.

My Little Family

Times are hard sometimes. I don’t try and pretend they aren’t. I’m also so grateful for these three people I get to love and spend my days with though. I’m lucky to have a partner to help me through the dark times, and two adorable babies who think I’m amazing simply because I’m their mom. I love them and love our little adventures

And now that we’re in March, I’m just itching for warmer weather and outdoor adventures!


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