Boring Ole January

January is gross. Like I for real could totally do without this month. It’s gray and cold and it snows and slushes and then gets warm and, oh wait, no, it’s cold again and the girls have runny noses and no sunshine means all I want to do is sleep because of my SAD and, besides Josh’s birthday, I don’t care at all about this month. And breathe. The point is, after the high of Christmas, January is so boring and pretty unnecessary.

So we’ve been indoors a lot.

It also didn’t help that all four of us have been hit with the stomach bug that’s been going around.

Poor daddy sick on the couch with a big ole audience


But then it got warm(ish) for two seconds and we tried to be outside when we could. So, we went and really explored Liberty Center for the first time.

We found giant boxes of cereal marshmallows at the candy store

(Mattie wanted to make a face too)

And we got Fiona ice cream. And regardless of what this man may tell you, he seriously is the best daddy.

But it got cold again. So, I took Ellabelle to read to puppies at the library. It’s a program to help kids not feel so nervous about reading out loud. She loved it, but probably not as much as me. 😂 Puppies and listening to my Bee read – match made in heaven.

Lately these girls of mine have been going through this amazingly sweet phase where Mattie will not sleep alone. We put her in her own bed every night and, it seems like almost every morning, she is found in Ellabelle’s bed. It’s really the sweetest thing.

And since we’re in the process of rearranging their room and upgrading their beds, they’ve actually had to share a bed the last few nights.

But tonight we’ll finish the bunk beds and Mattie will have a “big girl” bed on the bottom all to herself.

Also, in the growing up too fast department: the Pay-Pay Fairy came to collect all of Matilda’s pacifiers. We explained to her what was going to be happening and how the fairy would take them away and make them new again and give them to all the little babies of the world. She wasn’t 100% convinced, but, once we told her she’d get a present in exchange, she jumped right on board.

So we are officially out of a crib and done with pacifiers in our house. Now, we just have to conquer potty training.

Ok, so like I said, not much happens in January for us except for Josh’s birthday. We were lucky enough to get to go to Carrabba’s for dinner just the two of us, and like the losers we are, we went to Kenwood so we could get his iPhone fixed afterwards. He tried really hard to be excited about his birthday this year. Normally, he’s not at all excited about it because he hates that it’s always cold and gross. So I wanted to do everything I could to help make sure he had a good birthday, and I think we succeeded.

josh documented the meal on instagram

I had asked Ellabelle what she wanted to get him for his birthday and her response was, “We have to buy him as many Darth Vader’s as we can!” So that’s what he got – lots and lots of Darth Vader’s (plus a Lying Cat for good measure)

I’m pretty sure his favorite was the hand-drawn Vader by Ellabelle.

And now Business pictures:

I’m really looking forward to February. I love holidays, and we’ve got Valentine’s Day and a Valentine’s Day dance at Ellabelle’s school. It also means the starting of Lent which means Easter is right around the corner. And while I realize that February is usually even colder than January and usually there’s more snow, at least there’s a holiday filled with pink and red hearts and glitter to help get me through.


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