🍁Sept and Oct🎃


It’s November.

And, as expected, I haven’t been anywhere near here. I’m trying to be better. I really do have the best intentions of writing, but the best laid plans and all.

I should mention that the month started with me turning 30 🎉🎈 and while I have been slacking I did start writing this retrospective on turning 30 and how it feels to start a new decade and blah blah blah. Then I let Ellabelle type on my phone. And she deleted it. So I’m back to square one. But maybe it’s a better representation of what being 30 is to me than anything else. Sure I could’ve rewritten some nice thought provoking or inspiring post, but I have kids and I’m tired and most days I’m just trying to make it through and most days that’s what makes me happy. Not always, but it’s exactly what I had always pictured for myself. I have what will mostly be my forever job. I’ve got two beautiful little girls. I’ve got the puppy I always wanted. 30 isn’t as scary as everyone makes it out to be. I’m hoping my thirties will be my best years so far.

Ok, so, quick quick recap of both months.


My birthday party – surprise limo ride, hibachi dinner, surprise party surrounded by all the people I love. I was completely shocked and beyond grateful.

With my birthday money, I bought a new desk. It meant a trip to ikea, and it’s become a center point for our evenings, be it for my crafts or for Ellabelle’s homework

The girls spent the day with Lisa

Ellabelle started ballet at her new ballet school

We went and watched Alex play tennis

The Cincinnati Rollergirls started their fall season right up the street from us so, of course, we had to go (and dress for the occasion)

Our friends daughter, Mackenzie, turned 3 and had a Moana party complete with boat

We went to the Applefest. Parking was chaos and it was a glorified craft show, but the girls had fun.


We tried Chuys out for dinner

We’ve recently discovered a newfound love for the library

I decorated Yo Gabba Gabba pumpkins

We visited a pumpkin patch

We had a monster mash party

Ellabelle was off school one Monday so Josh and her had a special daddy and Bee day complete with The My Little Pony Movie

We went to Blanchester to see Alex play in the band for her senior night

Our heater didn’t start as usual – so the girls and I had to go stayed with Oma and Opa one night

So now we move onto November – cooler air, Christmas prep, a special surprise for the girls. So much to be thankful for and celebrate.