How quickly it’s come and gone. I feel like I was just posting about how it was here, and now it’s literally September. I don’t feel like we really did much this month either. We spent a lot of time just hanging out at home.

Like seriously.

Lots of down time.


But maybe the month feels like it went so fast because the things we did do were pretty big all day events.

We had Ellabelle’s five year check up, and YAH ๐ŸŽ‰ she’s finally gained some weight.

We also had to attack our trees. Our trees have never been trimmed in the 6 years we’ve lived in our house. Well, they needed a spruce real bad. Thankfully, my dad has a pole saw we could borrow and take care of it. Josh took care of most of it because I’m whiney and pathetic and I don’t like manual labor. He did let me cut some limbs though ๐Ÿ˜ It was a huge process like multiple weekends worth of work.

The girls spent the weekend we did a majority of the tree work with their cousin Alex. The age difference between them (kindergarten and senior) has never seems to make a difference which I think is amazing. After we picked them up, we stopped to see the sunflower field near our house. The girls liked the flowers from the edge of the field, but they didn’t like the leaves touching them or the bees.

Maisy enjoyed the visit though cause she got to hang her head out with window.

Ellabelle had a special day with Oma and Opa before school started. She spent the night, got spoiled, and went an adventure the next day. She got to visit Great Oma and Opa, feed a deer, and played on a playground.

And, yes. Who could forget the most important thing that happened in August?


Ellabelle has been excited for probably months. So, when phase in day came, she was over the moon. We got to go meet her teacher and see her school. She threw a fit because she didn’t want to leave. We promised her she’s be back the following Monday and would get to ride her bus to school that day.

And then the big day came.

She got on the bus at the babysitters. Thankfully, the sitter was nice enough to take pictures for me. I didn’t take her myself because we didn’t want to mess up her routine already. Mattie waited with her for the bus.

When she got dropped off at the babysitters after school, little sister was super happy to see her.

As for how it’s going so far – Ellabelle likes it. She likes the playground and computer lab. She’s making friends slowly. She does complain it’s boring, but we’re hoping that will change as they start their actual subjects this next week. Overall, actual school is going well. Our kindergartener’s behavior leaves much to be desired. However, I think this has something to do with it:

I feel ya, kid. No naps are hard.

The rest of the month held a party with our friends who just adopted a little boy and a pool day with Auntie Ang and Oma.

Miss Matilda had her allergy panel test to see if she’s allergic to tree nuts like her sister. Thankfully, she’s not!

Since then she’s already helped me devour food with almond paste, almond flour, and pistachios. Ellabelle handles it all ok. We haven’t seen any issues with her like I thought we might. She understands that she can’t have nuts and Mattie can.

The day she had her test she came to visit me at work and everyone just swooned over her. She’s a ham so she loved it.

The month closed out with Oktoberfest. I always say: I took Josh’s name. He took my heritage.

And now we’re into September. We’ve got our fall bucket list made so we’re ready to go!