August is here!

I'm not sure why I'm excited it's August. August is kinda a lame month stuck between seasons. It's hot and sticky and it's the busiest month of the year at work. But still, I'm excited it's here.

Maybe it's the promise of fall, and all the wonderful things fall brings.

Fall always means back to school to me which I think is why I have this connection with fall and August. Kindergarten starts this month for my big kid. She's so excited. I'm excited for her but nervous about all the other things it means – riding the bus alone, making new friends, being in a classroom environment. She's blossomed and excelled in her preschool class so I'm hoping the change of scenery won't destroy her thirst for learning. Because of my fall and August connection, it totally blew my mind that I had to make sure she had shorts for school. I wore uniforms for 12 years so the whole public school thing is weird for me to wrap my mind around anyways. But I realized that I had to dress her like it's summer for at least a month of school. It's weird.

August also means football is finally back! And nothing says fall more than football. Training camp has happened and that means it's only a matter of time before my Sundays can be filled with hope and disappointment (I am a Bengals fan after all). I miss standing in my kitchen cooking with the game on. I miss watching Ellabelle scream and yell like she has any idea what's going. I know for sure Mattie is gonna get into games this year too.

We've also got Oktoberfest and hopefully cooler weather coming our way. Who am I kidding? I bet it won't be cool until October. Still, August promises lots of changing even if it is just a filler month til all the real fall fun actually happens. So I'm going to try and savor it. I mean once it's gone that'll mean I'm a 30 year old (😱) with a kindergartener. August can move slowly lol