July 5th jotting

I didn’t write the last two days. I forgot on the 3rd because my children were being holy terrors after spending the day with their grandparents (which is to be expected but still exhausting), and we were literally busy all day with the 4th. Ok, I had about 2 hours to write while everyone else napped, but I updated my 33 apps that needed updating instead and then this happened:

So sorry, not sorry. 

Anyways, I reexamined my list I picked of writing prompts, and I decided they kinda suck. So I’m back to winging it. 

So here we are. July 5th. And I’m so exhausted from our day yesterday. We were up and running from 10am til 10pm. The girls were cranky tonight. I’ve been cranky all day. I got sunburnt on my legs at the parade and have to take ibuprofen to be able to bend my knees without pain. 

So, the writing for the 5th isn’t really inspiring tonight. All I can think is:

1) Ow pain on knees. Red. Burning. Hot. 

2) Our house is under attack by cluster flies. Josh sprayed all our windows with some sort of bug death spray and hopefully they’ll all die. We’re perplexed to what drew them into the house. They weren’t here when we left for work, and we came home to them all over the outside of our windows. It wasn’t the trash can or anything because they aren’t drawn to food like other flies. So we’re stumped. Hopefully, they all die. That’s not very nice to say, but they’re creepy and freak out the girls and drive the cats crazy. 

3) Yah! Tomorrow is already Thursday. 

4) Boo. Tomorrow is only Thursday. 

5) It’s my grandpa’s 88th brithday. It’s amazing that he’s made it this far considering I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a cigarette in his hand. Longevity runs deep in the Fulmer blood. 

6) I love my bed and my pillow and I’m going to curl up with my stinky dog and go to sleep. 


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