Oh July

So the whole writing every day in July thing has failed miserably. But that's an ongoing problem I battle – setting the bar too high. Instead of beating myself up about it and quitting completely, I'm gonna keep trying to write things more often. Maybe just not daily. Plus I feel I can cut myself a little slack. I work full time and I've got two kids and our sleeping schedule has been off. Plus the poor puppy's been sick. But enough with the excuses.

So July. We're done with it now, aren't we? We've been busy, but not crazy busy. Like busy enough I'm not going crazy sitting still, but not too busy that we still get weekend naps.

I took the girls to the West Chester Touch a Truck two years ago. Ellabelle loved it and Mattie was too tiny to remember it. So when I saw it was happening on a Friday, Josh and I decided to take off a half day and take the girls. Well, it rained. 😕 So we came up with a backup plan. We took the girls to Dave and Busters instead. They had a ball even if they didn't totally grasp the games.

With the girls growing older, I know how important it is to give them each their own individual time alone with both Josh and me. I can always tell when Ellabelle feels like she's being neglected. She starts getting clingy and acting out. So, I planned a mommy bee date day. It wasn't anything super excited – just errands I had to run anyways. Buuttt if you tell her it's a special day and let her walk the whole time instead of riding in the cart, it as if you took her to see a unicorn.

We went to Target, Hobby Lobby, and Costco. I let her dance on shelves at hobby lobby. She got to look at all the toys at Target. She got to pick a special treat at Costco. She loved it, and I loved spending time with her. She's growing so much. She never stops talking, but she's also so smart. I'm very proud of the little person she continues to grow to be.

I had a horrible migraine for two days straight and ended up having to go to the doctor and get a shot to help with it. Because of that, we've spent a great deal of the beginning of July just hanging out.

I spent a lot of time working on finishing my wall project. I'm not 100% happy with it, but Josh assures me that it's perfectly fine looking.

The 4th arrived and, thankfully, this year it was warm and sunny. The girls loved the parade.

Afterwards, we went back to same place we went to last year and had the same horrible service. The girls and Josh napped back at Oma and Opa's. Mattie napped on me which was easily my favorite part of the day.

We stayed and watched the fireworks on tv, and it ruined our sleep schedule completely. That's what summer is about though, right? Staying up late and hanging with your favorite people.

On the 8th, Ellabelle got to do her first modeling photo shoot. It wasn't anything super glamorous, but she had a blast. It's for a little online boutique. The photographer was very impressed with her willingness to take pictures and not be shy which is what I was worried about. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out.

Ellabelle has been so excited about it being July because she knows her birthday is this month. She also knows that there are two other birthdays first. She knows it has to be Auntie Ang's and then Mike's birthday. So when we hit Angie's, she flipped. "It's almost my birthday!"

So we went to dinner at The Cabana for Angie's birthday. The girls were so bad we almost didn't even go. Like they were that bad. Thankfully, they were well behaved during lunch.

We went to the park next to the cabana and had Angie's fruity pebble cheesecake for dessert. The girls played on the playground for a little bit.

Ellabelle pretended she was on American Ninja Warrior. And of course Mattie wanted to too.

When I found out I was having girl, the first thing I started dreaming about was soft pink and ballet slippers. It seemed like forever into the future, but here we are. Ellabelle started her summer ballet class, and I finally have a little ballerina to call my own.

She's just so pretty in pink.

Since this is just a summer class, it's only three weeks twice a week, but she'll start her really class in September which will last all year.

We ended up spending one of our Saturday mornings in Hamilton for Superhero Saturday. The girls were dressed as Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman didn't make it very far before she started shedding her pieces – her lasso, her crown, and her sandals ended up in the diaper bag before the end of the day.

The girls seemed to have fun. They got cotton candy.

We watched a few Christian wrestling matches that were part of the day. Mattie was very upset everything someone hit the mat. It was hilarious watching her watch wrestling.

That Sunday, it was national ice cream day, and graeters had ice cream on sale for $1.47. Before we made our way there, we took the girls to the water playground at Winton Woods. I was worried about Mattie since she seems to have such an aversion to water in any form, but she loved it. Neither wanted to leave.

After was ice cream time and they were even happier.

That week, I had to take Mattie to dance with Ellabelle and me, and that was a mess.

We got there fine and everything was ok until big sister went into the room and the door shut behind her with little sister left outside.

Thankfully I was able to distract her and keep her from crying the entire time. These two girls are monkey see monkey do in every aspect. If Mattie does something we think is funny, Ellabelle does it too. And of course Matilda wants to do everything Ellabelle does.

So, we reached Ellabelle's birthday weekend, and we started it off with both girls helping me make Ellabelle's birthday cake. Ellabelle cracked the eggs. Mattie added the butter and milk.

I ended up icing it without Ellabelle (even though she begged to help), but she forgave me once she saw it.

That Saturday was Ellabelle's birthday. She opened presents. I made pancakes. Then we headed out for a mommy and bee day. We got matching manicure and pedicures at a kids spa.

We got school supplies at target.

We went to Kenwood and hit the Disney Store, Lush, and Justice.

After that, we went to Mamaw and Papaw's house. The girls love playing with Trent and all the attention they get from their grandparents. Mamaw even made special cupcakes for the girls.

It was bathtime when we got home because of course they had to try out the new bubble bar Ellabelle got. Afterwards, Mattie helped my make the blueberry pie for Ellabelle and Opa's birthday breakfast the next day.

On Sunday, we went to the Original Pancake House. Ellabelle was a brat because we couldn't let her have all the syrup that her and Mattie had to share. We went to Oma and Opa's afterwards and opened presents. The birthday girl is definitely a spoiled little girl.

We had another pretty quiet week. Ellabelle finished her summer dance class. On Friday, we took the girls to their Mamaw and Papaw's for the night. We were supposed to go to Potterfest, but we ended up deciding against it since it was such a long drive. We hit the flea market instead on Saturday morning and took the girls to go see Spider-Man. It was Mattie's first movie. She loves Spider-Man so we thought it would keep her attention.

She lasted til the last 20 mins. Neither of the girls liked the fight scenes though. We had ice cream in the park at Liberty Center. Ellabelle threw a fit about wanting a cone, but they were so cute walking around together.

On Sunday, we went to Kentucky for some of Josh's side business. We stopped at Smale on the riverfront and let the girls enjoy the water before heading home.

Neither girl napped on Saturday so we thought for sure they'd pass out on Sunday at naptime. Ellabelle did not. 😒 So, we had a very cranky 5 year old on our hands Sunday evening.

And today is Monday. It's the last day of July. Tomorrow it'll be August and that means my baby will be starting kindergarten this month. Shes more than ready. I'm not so much. At least I have this little monster to call my baby for a little bit longer.

My five year old

Baby Bee,

How it's been 5 years since you've made your entrance into the world is beyond me. I wonder how I ever lived without you in my life. The two feelings contradict each other yet it's the reality of being a mother.


It's a big year for you.

You're starting kindergarten. You'll finally get to ride "your" bus to school.

You're starting your first dance season. You'll get to be in your first recital. I know you'll love it since you still talk about the one we went and saw last December.

I'm looking forward to another festive season starting with pumpkin patches and Halloween which leads to Thanksgiving and the whole wonderful Christmas season. I can't wait to see you teaching your sister all about Santa.

You're growing into such a fascinating person. You definitely have your own opinions on pretty much everything, and you aren't afraid to share them.

You're so funny and so smart. You say these big words that always shock me when they come out. Like "competition" and "delicious". You say "oh my gosh!" with such emphasis that I crack up every time. You're gross like your daddy and think fart jokes are funny.

You're such a sweet big sister. You love to hold hands and give hugs to Matilda. You also like to try and boss her around, but she doesn't put up with that. Your relationship continues to blossom and grow in ways I could only have hoped for.

You're always running your mouth. You always have something to say or a direction to give. And you're also obsessed with directions. You know how to get places you've only been once. You yell at us if we go a different way than you're familiar with. It's insanely impressive.

You're strong willed and pigheaded. It gets you into a lot of trouble. However, you're also the gentlest soul. You get your feelings crushed very easily which I totally relate to. I hope I can help you learn to deal with your emotions better than I do. Being sensitive isn't a bad thing though. You're so tender with the animals and you want to say hi to every single bird, squirrel, dog, cat etc.

You love watching American Ninja Warrior and Big Brother. You are obsessed with snacks and candy. You hate bedtime because you don't want to miss anything. You can read a few books and can count to (at least) 100. You amaze every thing single day with how smart you are.

It is a privilege to be your mommy. We have been so lucky since day one, and I hope you know just how loved and cherished you are. You make me laugh and you make me mad, but at the end of the day you will always be my first real joy in the life. If I do nothing else right with my life, you and your sister will be testament enough that I excelled. I love you so much. I hope you had the best birthday.

Thanks for making a mommy. I love you.

Love forever and ever,

July 5th jotting

I didn’t write the last two days. I forgot on the 3rd because my children were being holy terrors after spending the day with their grandparents (which is to be expected but still exhausting), and we were literally busy all day with the 4th. Ok, I had about 2 hours to write while everyone else napped, but I updated my 33 apps that needed updating instead and then this happened:

So sorry, not sorry. 

Anyways, I reexamined my list I picked of writing prompts, and I decided they kinda suck. So I’m back to winging it. 

So here we are. July 5th. And I’m so exhausted from our day yesterday. We were up and running from 10am til 10pm. The girls were cranky tonight. I’ve been cranky all day. I got sunburnt on my legs at the parade and have to take ibuprofen to be able to bend my knees without pain. 

So, the writing for the 5th isn’t really inspiring tonight. All I can think is:

1) Ow pain on knees. Red. Burning. Hot. 

2) Our house is under attack by cluster flies. Josh sprayed all our windows with some sort of bug death spray and hopefully they’ll all die. We’re perplexed to what drew them into the house. They weren’t here when we left for work, and we came home to them all over the outside of our windows. It wasn’t the trash can or anything because they aren’t drawn to food like other flies. So we’re stumped. Hopefully, they all die. That’s not very nice to say, but they’re creepy and freak out the girls and drive the cats crazy. 

3) Yah! Tomorrow is already Thursday. 

4) Boo. Tomorrow is only Thursday. 

5) It’s my grandpa’s 88th brithday. It’s amazing that he’s made it this far considering I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a cigarette in his hand. Longevity runs deep in the Fulmer blood. 

6) I love my bed and my pillow and I’m going to curl up with my stinky dog and go to sleep. 

Jotting In July Day 2

Day 2 – where I’d like to be in 10 years

Ok, 2027 – 

I’ll be getting ready to turn 40. 

I’ll have a 12 years old and an almost 15 year old. 

I’ll be on year 11 working with city.

Going on anniversary 21 of dating and 16 of marriage. 

All of that feels really overwhelming and almost impossible, but I’m sure once I’m there it’ll feel like it happened in a blink of an eye. 

Where I want to be is pretty simple. 

A house completely our own. 

A few promotions in at work. 

Some financial stability. 

Finally lost my baby weight. (After 12 years, could I even consider it baby weight?)

That’s it. 

I mean if I’m making a dream list I’d add that I had more traveling under my belt. I went on a cruise and visited another country. I had a new car and another dog. In a dream world, Maisy will still be here. Old and cranky but still my sweet puppy dog. 

Mostly, I just want to be happy. Are my kids happy? Is Josh happy? Am I happy? Yes to all three – then that’s all that matters. Now. Tomorrow. 10 years from now. 

Jotting in July

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to write every day this month. I was just going to fly off the cuff and see where my writing takes me. Then I decided to look at Instagram for some prompt ideas and found a 30 day challenge and I was like “why not?” I’m aware that July has 31 days, but that 31st can be for something fun. 

Ok, Day 1 – Current relationship

Well, this one is pretty simple – Joshua. We’ve been married for 6 years (six?!!?) and we’ll have been together for 11 years in November. I realized the other day that it won’t be much longer till we’ve been together long let that I was alive without him which is honestly mind boggling. We’ve had so so many up and downs. We’ve grown and changed as time has gone on, but we work through things and it makes us stronger. He drives me crazy and makes me so mad, but I feel so lucky to have him. He handles my quirks and my OCD (as well as another person can). He talks me down when I start planning too big, but he lets me dream and soar. He’s my biggest fan and my #1 supporter. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I’m the luckiest girl even if he is a jerk sometimes. 

He’s not at all what I expected to end up with but that’s how love works. We’re proof that opposites attract. He’s got a big expressive personality. I prefer to hide in the shadows. He a big, joke making goofball. I’m generally pretty quiet. He loves scary movies and loud angry music. I love chick flicks and happy pop music. He’s a homebody who could sit in the house for days and be happy. I like to constantly have something to do. He’s laid back. I’m high strong. He goes with the flow, and I like lists and agendas. He forgets everything. I remember everything. We’re still learning to adjust to these things. The one thing we both have in common is that we’re stubborn so trying to live with someone so different is hard when neither of you want to budge on your stance. But today we cleaned and reorganized our bedroom and we didn’t fight at all! That’s the first time ever I think. We both strive every day to be the best parents and people we can and we love and respect each other. That’s really all I can ask for from him.

Oh and he bought me a puppy. That’s something every guy should do for his girl. He’s still living off those brownie points.