Rollercoasters and Wonder Woman 

 Ellabelle’s has been sick all this week. Poor thing just wasn’t herself when we picked her up from school on Monday. She was quiet and mopey. She said it was because she accidently closed the bathroom door on her friend’s fingers. Turns out, it wasn’t just her guilt over harming her friend. She laid on the couch as soon as we got home and didn’t get up til bedtime. The poor thing has had a fever on and off and just wants to lay around which is so unlike her. She’s even been quiet which has been a welcome change since she never shuts up! I’d rather her run her mouth and feel better though. She’s so pathetic when she’s sick, and it breaks my mama heart.

Mattie insisted on laying down too even though she’s been fine

She’s thankfully on the mend so it’s on to brighter things – June is finally here! I’m not really sure why I’m excited about it. There’s nothing really all that special in June for us. There’s no birthdays or big holidays. Father’s Day is coming up, and I love thinking of fun things for the girls to give Josh. But still. It’s a pretty low key month. Maybe that’s why I’m excited about. I mean, we’ve got something planned every single weekend, but it’s still more easy going.  

June arrived with a big ole ball of fun for us – the police family picnic. It’s at Stricker’s Grove, and there’s food and rides, and I was so excited to take the girl’s this year. Last time we went Mattie was fresh from the oven, so I was very limited in what I could ride. Plus, this time, Ellabelle was big enough to ride to kiddie rollercoaster which I was very much looking forward to.

“The Teddy Bear” was the very first thing we did. She was so excited about it going up the first big hill. She insisted that I keep my arm around her. When we went around the top bend before the big drop, she suddenly clenched onto me with a death grip. She buried her face in my side and screamed the entire time. It wasn’t really much of a rollercoaster and took about 20 seconds to do the whole thing, but it was enough. When it was over I asked her if she liked it, she told me, “Just a little. It was a little scary.”

So, we went and did some easier rides. She rode the Whip It while Mattie finished her ice cream cone, and they rode the cars and boats and carousel together. Mattie loved all of it. 

On the carousel, Ellabelle was being weird and insisted on sitting on the bench behind us that didn’t move. Then half way through the ride, she tried to get up and have me put her on a horse. She almost fell over in the process. I made her sit back down because 1. I wasn’t going to fight a giant heavy horse moving up and down to put her on it and 2. I had to keep her tiny sister on her horse. So, she was grump my and mad at me about that.

I took her on the flying elephants, and Mattie screamed the whole time because she wasn’t big enough to ride them.

I convinced Ellabelle to ride the kiddie roller coaster with me one more time before left. (I should’ve stuck Josh with both girls and gone on the big one by myself, but I didn’t think about it at the time.) She did the same thing – death grip while screaming into my side, but she was brave enough to go again, and I’m grateful to her for that.

While we rode the coaster, Josh took Mattie on the train. She loved it – except the tunnel. She was very confused by why it went dark for a bit.

Between the rides and ice cream and cotton candy – I’d say we left with some very happy girls.


We’ve been baking in our house since our air conditioning is broke. So we’ve been living with the windows open and fans going around the clock. The nice thing is with the windows open is that the girls can see me when I take Maisy out in the morning. So, I get little peekaboo faces. It’s so cute and such a great way to start the morning. Our mornings can be so hectic that it’s a nice little reminder of why we do so much for these little tiny people.


Saturday was Wonder Woman day at the comic book store, and what do we do in the Hawkins house when it’s a comic book day of celebration? We dress up.

So, Friday night, I threw together a Wonder Woman outfit for Mattie. She looked adorable, and Ellabelle looked awesome as her bestie, Batgirl.

They both got a free Wonder Woman comic, and daddy bought them each one of their own as well. I love that there’s more and more positive females in children’s culture that they can grow up with. Josh and I were talking about when we encountered our first strong feminist character as a kid and I realized I was in the 8th grade and Josh was in his teens. Things have changed so much and for the better. Between the Superhero Girls and Moana, our daily lives are filled with girls going out and kicking ass. And it’s totally awesome.

That night we went out to Josh’s sister’s house for their 15th anniversary party. We were outside for most of it, and the girls loved the family’s dogs. Jack is obsessed with bubbles and tried to attack them like crazy. The girls thought it was hilarious.

Mattie was also in love with Chewy. She basically followed him around so she could pet him. He ate it up even though he apparently doesn’t like little kids very much.

They also took full advantage of their cousin Alex’s attention. They both followed her around and demanded she play with them. There’s such a large age gap between them, but I’m so glad that Alex is willing to be very attentive and genuinely excited to spend time with them. The girls are going back to spend the night in about week and Ellabelle will not shut up about it.


Josh worked overtime both weekend days. It sucks because it means its two on one in the morning, and Ellabelle refuses to let anyone sleep once she’s up. I made it through though. We got a text from our friend on Sunday asking if we wanted to come over and make boats and then take them to a cement stream to race them. Of course we wanted to! All we had planned was cleaning.

So, we made our way over and built and designed boats out of foam and popsicle sticks. She’s a teacher so she’s great at coming up things like this to do. They have three boys and they had a friend over so the 6 kids had a blast racing the boats and playing in the water. Mattie had no idea what was going on, but she loves getting to play with the big kids.

Afterwards, we went back to their house and swam. Mattie is terrified of the water unless I’m holding on to her. Thankfully, they have island floaty. She spent most of the time sitting in it. Ellabelle had a blast. She loves spending time with “her boys.”


The rest of our week has been quiet. Literally because Ellabelle has been sick. Oh, and since we’ve discovered we get PBS Kids with our bunny ears. That keeps them both very quiet.

We’ve made it to Friday and our weekend is filled with lots of fun things. So, I’m very much looking forward to quitting time.


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