Hippity Hoppity 

Easter started on Saturday for us. We went to the West Chester Fire Department’s Egg Hunt. It’s a fun event that the fire department puts on for the kids. I think it’s amazing because the firefighters buy and stuff the eggs themselves and then they run the event. It’s at a park near our house. The fields this year were covered in yellow dandelions as well as the fluffy seed version. The girls are obsessed with them so they kept picking as many as they could. 
They divide everyone up into age groups. We were lucky that both girls were in the 0-4 age group. So we lined up. They dump the eggs on the field and at 1pm sharp they honk the firetruck horn and everyone just runs. It’s literally like 30 seconds of egg collecting, but the kids love it. 

While we were waiting, we heard someone say, “Is this Matilda?” It was Mattie favorite friend from her babysitters! Her little friend was so happy to see her. Mattie just kept staring at her. Finally, about two minutes later, she smiled really big, pointed at her, and said, “Zoey!” I think she had a hard time placing her away from the babysitters house 😂

The girls had so much fun grabbing eggs. I was worried Mattie might be confused about what to do, but, once she picked up one egg, she wanted them all. Poor Josh had missed the hunt last year because he had Hand Foot and Mouth disease. So he was startled by the mob of kids and parents rushing 

Afterwards, we went to Mamaw and Papaw’s to visit for Mamaw’s birthday. The Easter bunny had left eggs there too! The girls hunted around the house, and Mattie was a pro at it by this point. She found more than Ellabelle, but thankfully she shared so they had an even number of gifts.  

That night, before bed, we planted our magic jelly beans. 

Actual Easter started like any other morning – Ellabelle running into our room to let us know she was awake. Only thing was she wasn’t suppose to be able to get to us. See the Easter bunny knew she’d come running through where all the eggs were hidden. So he put up the baby gate in her doorway. She apparently knows how to pull the lock out, lower, and move the baby gate. The Easter bunny did not know this. 🤦🏻‍♀️ She immediately whispered in excitement, “I saw easter eggs!”

I sent Josh to get Mattie up because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get Ellabelle to wait til she woke up. Josh made the mistake of letting Mattie stumble back to our bedroom. She does this every morning, but she kept stopping to grab eggs along the way. Finally he got her back to the bedroom. Once we were ready to actually hunt (bathroom used, diaper changed), we let the girls go free. 

Now, all week the weather report showed rain. It was suppose to rain overnight. So the Easter bunny was forced to hide the eggs inside. He also brought in the magic jelly bean lollipops. 

Turns out there wasn’t a drop of rain until noon in Easter Sunday. 😒 The inside hunt was still exciting for the girls. They loved running around, and Ellabelle did so good only picking up her color eggs. Mattie thought the whole thing was amazing and decided to use her shopping cart to hold her eggs. 

She wasn’t thrilled when I started opening them to show her there was items inside. She just wanted to shake the eggs. 

This year, the Easter bunny left us a very special scavenger hunt egg. It led to different places in the house and eventually told us to go to Oma and Opa’s house. The girls had eggs to hunt there as well. The Easter bunny even hid an egg at brunch! 

We colored eggs after brunch. This year no one broke any! 

And we played with bubbles because that’s what my two do. They’re bubble fiends. 

Our last clue from the scavenger hunt had us head home. When we got there, the Easter bunny had left a special beach basket for the girls. It had sunglasses, buckets and shovels, and a special mermaid outfit for each of them. 

The next weekend we had “fake” Easter with my mom’s side of the family. We had breakfast and another Easter egg hunt. The girls made over $50 total from there different hunts. 

Easter definitely made up for Christmas being so sucky. The girls had a blast, and that’s what holidays are all about for me. Making memories they’ll cherish and sharing traditions they’ll pass down is what matters most. The Easter bunny takes this round Santa 🐰>🎅🏻 You’ve got 8 months to step up your game, fat man. 


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