April (thus far) 

4/1 April started with Ellabelle’s first soccer game. The weather has been so wet that they ended up having to move it to an indoor field. Ellabelle’s team is lime green, and she had a blast. She only kicked the ball once during the game, but it may have been more than she did all of last season.

4/2 We had a busy day of Jungle Jims, mulching, playing with bubbles, and taking Maisy for a walk.

The girls love Jungle Jims because we always get them a cookie from the bakery which they eat while we walk around. They also love to stop and look at the live fish.

They adore bubbles. They asked all throughout the winter go outside and play with them.

We took Maisy for a walk, and she did what she does best, she laid down. In the middle of the road. So, she rode in the stroller the whole way back.

4/3 Mamaw’s sister died, and we went to the visitation after work. The girls, thankfully, had no idea what was going on. They ran around and jumped on furniture and acted like kids. No one seemed to mind. I think in such a sad time people were happy to be reminded of joy (at least that’s what I tell myself anyway). Mattie kept grabbing the packs of tissues the funeral home had all around and taking them to Mamaw. Over and over again, she’d grab a pack and run and find her.
 As we were leaving the funeral home, our car started smoking. We went to Cracker Barrel to eat with Mamaw, Papaw, and Trent. We luckily made it home from there. The car was in the shop for the whole week which was frustrating on top of infuriating. Cars make me so angry.

4/5 Josh somehow hurt his back, and he ended up having to go to the doctor to get it looked at. He couldn’t even stand up straight. He was given steroids and pain meds. He felt much better the next day.

4/7 The last fish fry of the year arrived. It was extra bittersweet as it may very well be the very last fish fry at Little Flower ever. I went to elementary school in that building. The church was our home church all the way through high school and even into college. To have no connection to it at all, it’s really sad. For over 20 years, we’ve been going to the fish fry. It was an end of an era.

On 4/8 and 4/9, Josh worked overtime. That didn’t keep us from having fun though. On Saturday, it was finally sunny and warm, so we tested out the sunpaper St. Nick brought Ellabelle. We picked flowers and leaves and dandelions and laid them out in the sun. EB was so excited, and she loved some one on one time with me. They turned out beautiful. We have a few more pages left so I’m sure we’ll make some more again soon.

On Sunday, Ellabelle started the day by going to work her daddy and hanging out.

It was still beautiful so we had popsicles outside in the driveway. Then I took the girls for a walk. I love being able to be outside as much as possible when it’s warm and sunny, and I know the girls love it too.

We even went out to moon gaze that night.

4/9 Our air conditioner stopped working at the end of last summer. We never got it fixed because we survived with fans until fall arrived. So we had someone come look at it in preparation for the warmer temps. Turns out it needs to be completed replaced because it’s over 25 years old (which is ancient for an A/C). No sure how we’re going to manage it yet. 😣 Money, man. It makes life suck. Well, not having any does.

4/10 The girls have really been into dress up lately. I think it’s because Mattie loves dress up, and EB never wants to be left out. So we had two little princesses running around until bedtime. It makes me stop and think when I see how happy these dresses make them. It’s something so simple yet it’s all they need to feel so special.

 4/12 Ellabelle finally had her first soccer practice. She did really well, and Mattie was unhappy the entire time. We bribed her with donuts (which worked temporarily), but all she wanted was to play soccer too.

4/13 Josh and I went and had lunch at a park downtown. It was a much needed refresher during what has been probably the most stressful week of my entire life. This week has been worse than studying for law school exams. The only thing worse was the day into the night that EB broke her leg and was in the hospital. Anyways, we sat in the sun, talked without being interrupted by children, and enjoyed the flowers. It was a nice and much needed recharge.

 I also took the girls outside to play with bubbles again. We’re gonna need to invest stock in them with the way we go through them.

Tomorrow starts our two weekends of Easter fun. There’s lots of things instore – 2 soccer games, brunch, egg hunts, visiting grandparents, and Fake Easter. It will also be very busy because we’ll be leaving for the beach in two weeks and need to pack. I cannot wait for it all to begin!


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