☘️ March 🌈

3/1 It was Dr. Seuss week at school, and Wednesday was dress like your favorite Dr. Seuss character. That was a no brainer for Ellabelle. She has been obsessed with a very specific Dr. Seuss based movie since before she could walk. When I asked her, she immediately requested to be the “Lor-lax.” So, I threw together a little outfit for her.

I mean, what would a Lorax be without his Truffula trees? Mattie was obsessed with all of it, and I had to keep it up out of the way off little hands the night before.

3/2 I went to the doctor for what ended up being a sinus/ear infection. I had two swollen lymph nodes behind my ear, and that really freaked me out. Thankfully, with the help of the antibiotics, I felt better fairly quickly.

3/3 The first fish fry of the year arrived with the beginning of the month. The girls were with Oma and Opa all day. The morning started with snow. We ended up passing two wrecks in the 15 minute drive to my parent’s house. The girls had a blast being spoiled all day, and, as always, the fish fry food was great.

We signed Ellabelle up for spring soccer because she’s been asking when she gets to play again since fall soccer ended. It started on the 6th, but there’s only been 1 practice so far. Mother Nature is not cooperating with us, and it’s been freezing or wet on practice nights. The only practice that happened was on a Monday at 5:15, and we couldn’t make it in time after work plus it was snowing during it. No thanks.

Now, we didn’t know soccer was cancelled on the 8th, and we were already there when we got word. Josh tried to take Ellabelle out to practice with just him because she crying in the backseat, but the fields were so swampy it just wasn’t plausible. (He’s such a good daddy. Willing to do anything to make his girl happy)

So we convinced EB that she wanted to go to Kroger instead. She’s been carrying around her Hello Kitty wallet she got for Christmas, and she kept telling me she had money to spend. I didn’t believe her, but turns out she had accumulated $5 from Opa. So we let her go buy whatever she wanted, with her own money, at Kroger. She picked popsicles. She was very excited about it until she put the dollar in the self check out machine and got coins in return. It makes me sad too when that happens! She’s still learning how money works obviously.

3/10 We went to another fish fry. A local radio station was there, and they had a giant catfish with them. Shockingly, both girls were excited about going to see him. They’re both terrified of Wooly Bully at the CRG games, and Mattie cries around the giant singing Elvis at Jungle Jims, but the giant catfish – he was cool.

In fact, Mattie kept running away from our table to go see him and wave and dance near him. He was thankfully only there an hour because I was tired of chasing Mattie around.

Lisa was there that week which means the girls got spoiled. And by spoiled, I mean, cake and cupcakes for dinner.

3/11 Angie and I have been pestering our mom to get a tattoo for a while now. It was mostly as a joke because never in a million years did I think she’d ever commit. But she did. And so we booked the appointment and off we went to Northside. We made mom go first so she couldn’t chicken out. She was a champ even though we picked the most painful place to get a tattoo. She didn’t twitch or bleed like Angie and I did.

And holy moly! I forgot how painful tattoos are! Still totally worth it though. Mom got a light and dark purple shell. Mine is pink and purple. Angie’s is white and light purple. I think the different colors ending up being perfect because even though we’re the same (family, bloodline) we each have our own unique personality, and the shells reflect that.

3/12 We went out for Josh’s birthday dinner with his mom and his sisters family (even though his birthday was in January.) Ellabelle loves spending time with her cousin, Alex, and she got to sit between Alex and her other cousin Rebeccah at dinner. Mattie loves stealing food off my plate, and she was very successful.

Afterwards, we FINALLY brought our table inside. I refinished it last year on the back porch, but it had started getting so cold that we never got it inside. Thankfully it was warm enough that Josh was able to bring it. We had to clean off the dirt it collected over the winter, but it’s in and it’s perfect. Now, we just have to keep the cats off it.

It was also daylight savings time. And that means, we were all screwed! Up that is. Our internal clocks never adjust well to the change especially the girls. They were tired and more cranky than usual. It takes almost a whole week to adjust for them.

3/14 We took an hour off work in the morning because . . . we registered EB for kindergarten 😭 Of course, I’m a freak and had the papers printed out the first day they posted them online and ended up printing out 3 different copies so I wouldn’t lose or forget it. It was quick and easy since I was super prepared. It still made me so sad. Like how did my baby get so big?! I want my little baby bee back. She’s beyond excited though. She talks about starting kindergarten all the time.

It was also Pi Day so a pie had to be made. So, with the girls help, I made peanut butter silk pie.

3/17 Our St. Patrick’s Day was low key. I had a work party and got lots of green food, and we went and had Green Ways at Skyline. Nothing to exciting. Just the way I like it.

3/18 We missed CRG, but we weren’t feeling well, but Ellabelle had a melt down because she had been promised going somewhere so we went to the Disney store instead. She loves the Disney store because it has a magic mirror that comes to life and a giant projection screen where you can pick the songs it plays. We don’t have to buy a single thing, and the girls still have a ball.

Afterwards, we stopped at party at our clubhouse for Josh’s uncle. The girls got to run around and play with their cousin Elizabeth.

Alex was there and Ellabelle got to go home with her and spend the night which she was over the moon about.

3/19 Sunday morning, Josh woke up with an awful migraine. So, Mattie and I let him sleep. We went to target and smashburger and got some quality Mommy-Materz time in.

We also went to Kroger and Horrorhound with Josh once he got up and started to feel better. Josh got some of his Zombie Tramp comics signed, and we found a pink Cthulhu for Mattie. I had searched high and low for one that didn’t cost an arm and a leg at Christmas, and never found one. Who knew all we had to do was go to a convention?

We met Josh’s sister about half way between their house and ours to get Ellabelle. She had fallen asleep in the car, but started asking when she could spend the night at Alex’s before we even moved her to our car. We grabbed dinner at BW3s, and Mattie was angry the whole time. Poor thing had missed her nap so she was just mad at the world (not that I can say I blame her). Josh had to take her outside once before we even got our food. The waitress was so nice and kept trying to help us keep her calm. A little boy brought her a ball he had won out of the crane game to make her happy. Some rude people next to us demanded another table.
Look, I know it’s irritating to hear kids crying in a restaurant. I’ve been there. I still get there sometimes. But we weren’t ignoring her, and we were clearly trying to keep her calm. There was no need to be that rude about an upset kid in a sports bar. Maybe if it was some high end restaurant, but certainly not in a place where the tvs are so loud you can hardly hear the person across the table from you.
Anyways, as soon as I finished eating, I scooped her up and we went outside. I held her and sang to her and rocked her in the parking lot while she tried to calm down. She was settled into my arms until she heard Ellabelle come out of the restaurant. It was an early bed night for the girls.
3/20 was the first day of spring! And we didn’t get to really celebrate the arrival of my favorite season because it rained all day. Like really really rained. So soccer practice was cancelled. Again.

Over the next weekend, Josh worked overtime in the morning. Our friends were down in our neck of the woods so we met them at a playground. I love watching the kids all play together. It’s so crazy to think Josh was hardly done being a kid when him and Jeremy met and now we all stand around and watch our kids play together.

3/29 Soccer practice was cancelled again. Ellabelle cried. Again. Thankfully, April started with a soccer game and some clearer skies.
So our March came in very busy (🦁) and out, like a lamb, it strolled. The weather was a bit wet and cold. So we spent a lot of time inside the house just hanging out.

Mattie had become attached to me and loves being in the kitchen with me while I cook. And when I find something she can help me with she will literally squeak with excitement.

April has already brought warmer weather so I’m so pumped for what the rest of the month has in store 🌷🐰🌷


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