Easter Prep 🐰

St. Patrick’s Day is today. It’s not a high ranking holiday in my opinion. The only people who really love St. Patrick’s day are the Irish and the drinkers of America. I am the smallest bit of Irish (my easily burnt to a crisp skin is a testament to that), and I am not a drinker. There’s also very little fan fair for the holiday. Yes, I’m wearing green. And yes, I ate too many shamrock cookie and green punch at the work party. That’s about it though. I didn’t even pull out my St. Patrick’s day garland at home this year. I did decorate my office though. 

No, I’m ready to move past shamrocks. I’m ready for the bunny. 🐰

Ellabelle was so excited about Christmas, but she was so sick. I don’t think she really got the full experience (vomit will do that). So, this is my redemption holiday. The bunny is gonna bring back the joy! It’s a lot of pressure for him, but I think he’s got it in him. 

So, not unlike every other holiday/celebration in my life, I started Easter prepping pretty early. So everything we got to fill eggs as well as some of the basket items were on clearance. We don’t do candy because the girls get so much from grandparents and great grandparents (not to mention the Halloween candy still sitting in the candy bucket on my counter). So I always looked for alternatives. I used to do goldfish and that worked great when Ellabelle was still little. However, now she’s old enough to know that that’s kinda a crummy egg find. And it won’t work on Mattie because she only wants what Ellabelle has. So we get creative. 

First things I found were marked down blind bag necklaces at Walmart. For $.25 apiece, I got 5 eggs filled for $1.25. 

Ellabelle is obsessed with Mario right now and I found two K’nex (kinda like Legos) Mario figures for her. I found Bowser and Yoshi, and those were only a $1 each. 

At Toys R Us, I found World of Nintendo Microland play pieces on clearance. They ended up being about $1 a piece for the little guys, and I know Ellabelle is going to be super excited about them. 

After Valentine’s Day, Kroger had their Valentine’s sets of Shopkins on sale. There’s nothing Valentine’s about them except the box the came in. Ellabelle has been asking for some for a while. So I grabbed a bunch of those because they ended up being about $.37 each. Both girls love the ones I gave them early (they were multiples), and I know they’re gonna love that the bunny knew to bring them. 

Before I had found all these items out in the wild, I found these adorable little plastic dogs and cats on Amazon. They come in a 12 pack which puts them at about $.40 apiece. I ordered the dogs because they were listed at a clearance price, and the cats weren’t. I was planning on going back and ordering the cats closer to Easter, but I found the Shopkins instead. 

I also found a My Little Pony hair bow and a 4 set of rings for $.50 each at Walmart. Bracelets for each of them, and rabbit suckers. 

So, ultimately, it may be cheaper to buy the candy, but, if you’re smart about it and look for deals, you can still snag alternatives without spending a fortune. 

And now to the main attraction: BASKETS. 

I waited on getting Ellabelle a nice basket. I knew we were going to have at least two kids, and I wanted matching baskets. So once we found out that our tater tot was a girl, I finally got to get my nice baskets for the girls. They’re white with pastel gingham and I added bows (they’re actually hair bow I found in the girls section of Walmart 😂) and little initial eggs. I love these baskets. And I love filling them with goodies. 

We’re not buying as much this year, but Josh says it looks like I still went overboard. I can never win with him. After Christmas, Target had a great sale on DC Superhero Girls. With buy 1, get 1, I did just that. We gave Mattie a Wonder Woman doll back in January, and the bunny is going to bring her Supergirl. She’s also recently really been into playing with Ellabelle’s My Little Ponys, but big sister doesn’t like to share. So I found her one of her own on eBay. 

She has a jellycat bunny she got last Christmas and a pig she got for Valentine’s Day, and she loves both. So I found a large puppy one for almost the same price as a regular sized one. It’s personalized for her. (Her bunny’s ear says Matilda; the puppy’s says Mattie). 

She’ll also get a new pack of pacifiers which will probably be her favorite thing. 

In Ellabelle’s basket, you’ll find a stuffed Bowser. She’s been using her beanie baby cats as a replacement lately. She was ready to upgrade to an actual bad guy. She also got a Cat Peach. She’s obsessed with cats and Mario and specifically her Cat Mario, Cat Luigi, and Cat Toad toys. They don’t make a plastic figure version of Cat Peach yet so I was lucky I found a plush one. 

She’s also got a Batgirl sling shot (got it on clearance for $2.49 at Target!) and a Supergirl flyer (which was also clearanced at Target – I just can’t remember how much). 

I also found pizza bronzer and lip balm (luckily it’s actually grape flavored) at Justice. 

And she’s gonna flip over her pink glitter bath bomb I got off etsy. She’s been wanting bath bombs for a while, like she cried when we walked past a Lush, and this one is going to be a hit. 

Since we’re leaving for the beach about two weeks after Easter, the bunny is bringing us a beach basket. It’s all stuff we have to buy anyways, but he’s gonna get credit for it. It’s also going to be a scavenger hunt. The eggs will have clues to all kinds of places. And that silly bunny, well, he’s not just staying at our house. He’ll be at Oma’s and brunch and back to our house where the basket will magically have appeared while we’re gone. It’s going to have seashell bags, swimsuits, sunglasses, a sandcastle set, and a special mermaid outfit for each girl. The bunny is going to make sure we are ready to vacay! 

I’m really hoping that the bunny can make up for Santa this year. I know my girls will love the hunt regardless. I just want to make sure they have the best memories of holidays, and I worry so much about making the details perfect. I can’t wait for curlers and dresses and watching my girls run around together. It will definitely be a memory for me. 


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