Autumn!!!! (In my head that sounded just like Olaf saying Summer.)
It slowly but surely made it to cooler temps for us. And November brought with it gorgeous colors and wonderful natural smells of decaying leaves. No joke. Dying leaves smell as wonderful as mutilated grass in the spring. 

So at the end of October, Josh had started his second job at Trade Global doing customer service. Welll… then he got Hand Foot and Mouth disease for the second time. Mind you, this is a disease only babies and children are suppose to get. In fact of the two times he has had it, Mattie had two very mild cases (she’s the one whos brought it home) and Ellabelle and I haven’t had it all. So poor Josh’s immune system just isn’t up to fighting off HFM apparently. So he missed the whole second week of work. So we started the month with sickness. 

We also started it with a haircut requested by Miss Ellabelle. 

The 6th of November is what Josh refers to as “the important anniversary.” Its when Josh and I became Facebook official, which was very very important back in 2006. It marked 10 years together. And if you’ll allow me to be sappy for but a moment, I’m am so grateful to have had my crazy man child for 10 years now. I really wouldn’t be here without him. He’s my sturdy ground to stand on while my dreamer mind wanders the stars. I’m so lucky to have someone who loves me so much. 

So for our anniversary, Josh found a groupon deal and we were able to go to The Melting Pot! It was a night to dress up and go out without our kids. It was so nice and so needed. We have a hard time finding time for just the two of us. Between money and schedules and my constant mom guilt (wanting to be away from my kids and missing them as soon as they’re gone), it feels almost impossible sometimes. So, it’s beyond appreciated when we get it. 

The next day we went out for Oma’s birthday. We went to Lake Nina’s, and they have the greatest hot slaw. Mattie did not enjoy it and spit it all over me when I offered her some to try. 
Tuesday November 8th was Election Day. I proudly casted my vote for the first woman to run for president with a major party. However, even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Trump was elected. I was in shock and still kinda am. I have a hard time accepting what’s going on this country and the hate spewing it seems almost every day now but I’m trying to stay positive. I fear for my daughters and their safety and their rights. Hopefully it will only be 4 years and sanity will return to this country. I don’t want to see difference tear us all apart. Regardless of the outcome and my personal feelings about it, the voting for a female was historical and will hopefully lead the way to actually achieving the dream, and I’m so happy I got to share it with my daughters. They really only cared about the stickers they got.

So the beginning of November also included some possible job changes. I was offered an interview working at District 5 in the police department. When I told my supervisor, she told her supervisor and they set up and interview for the same position but in my current department. So I interviewed with both of them. I was offered position where I’m at and four weeks later (the very end of November) I officially accepted it. It had to be approved all the way up the ladder and once the Chief of Police signed off I was able to officially accept. It’s a big promotion for me – an extra $3 an hour for us. Once I reach the top of pay grade, I’ll make almost as much as Josh does now. (His job description is a step up from my new one). So yeah for us. 

And one of the many perks of government employment is paid holidays. Veterans Day was a Friday this year and we were suppose to do a hardcore deep clean on the house before Christmas but life happened. Our furnace stopped working and we had to have someone come out and get the spiders out of it. Also Josh had to go the doctor. So the poor house never got that deep clean. We did get the living room cleaned for the tree which went up the next day. After the horrible week that followed the election, I decided I needed more joy and happiness in our lives and to me that mean Christmas. So the tree went up extra early this year. 

Josh worked that weekend for OT so I took the girls on a donut date. They both loved it, and I loved spending special time with just them and me. 

That Sunday after Josh got off, we had a busy day of shopping and hit up the comic book store. On the way home, Ellabelle threw up again in the car. We can’t figure out what is causing these episodes, but she hasn’t done it again since so we’re hopeful it was just a phase. 

For thanksgiving, Ellabelle’s school had a thanksgiving dinner and each child got two guests. Her special guests were Oma and Opa. She could not have been more excited to have them come have lunch with her (even if she didn’t eat anything).  
Which leads us to actual thanksgiving. It was at Uncle Kenny’s like usual and it was the same as always. Lots of fun and talking and food. Im not a big thanksgiving person because I don’t consider it a real holiday but any 4 day weekend filled with family is fine with me. 

My grandpa hiding an onion in my aunt’s purse

And on thanksgiving night, Mr. Christopher Pop-in-Kins makes his triumphant return.  
On Black Friday, we always avoid the stores and go over to my parents to help put up the tree. It our official start of the holiday season. 

That Saturday was super busy. Josh took Matilda to her 18 month check up, and I took Ellabelle to the Princess breakfast. She got to meet Rapunzel and Ariel. She was so excited she literally could not stop jumping up and down. It was the sweetest thing. 

That night we went down to fountain square for the Downtown Dazzle. There were carolers and ice skaters (we only watched) and Santa came propelling down the side of a building. There were fireworks but neither of the girls really liked those. 

Our November ended with Josh installing out new to us stove. Im happy to say he didn’t blow up the house!