We ended September by going to see Alex play with the marching band at the high school football game. Ellabelle had a blast. Mattie wasn’t exactly sure about the crowd, but she loved dancing to the music.

October 8 – We went to The Great Pumpkin Fest at Keehner Park. It was very crowded, but we got to go on a hayride and collect some candy.  

After than we went to Max’s birthday party in Northern Kentucky.

We also squeezed a quick trip downtown and stopped to see Fountain Square.

We were very happy to have soccer season end. It’s a huge commitment that’s so exhausting, but Ellabelle loved it even if she didn’t really fully grasp the whole concept of the game. She’ll get to play again in the spring and hopefully it’ll click more then.




We went to Brown’s Family Farm Market and got a hayride in as well as explored the fun sights.

We got a flat tire on Tauras TWICE. It’s be very irritating to keep dealing with tires.

Free comic book day was the Saturday before Halloween. Batgirl and Supergirl made a special appearance. Mattie loved her free comics. She opens it to a very specific page and laughs like crazy.

We also went out to Bloom and Berries, and the girls loved the slide and the corn box.

The Sunday before Halloween, we went and watched the Bengals play football in London at Pebble Creek. We left early because the girls got cranky waiting for the game to end. Thankfully, too, because the game ended in a tie in overtime.

“It’s a long way to go to kiss your cousin” –Lap

We carved pumpkins as well. Mattie loved helping clean hers out. Ellabelle refused to touch hers. She did actually help me carve hers, and, best of all, NO TEARS!


My favorite things about our lives is watching the girls relationship continue to grow. Watching them love each other and want to spend time together makes me so happy.  

Which brings us to Halloween…

I’m a perfectionist, and I hold everyone and every situation to the same strict standards I hold myself. This can cause problems. So an ongoing trend has been me trying to accept that life just happens. Adding a second kid to our lives has made this even more apparent because a 4 year old and a 1 year old are going to do whatever they want especially if they have my genetics. So Halloween was, well, let’s just go with “memorable.”

I made Ellabelle’s costume, and honestly I’m quite proud of how it turned out. I get weird about homemade outfits cause some people put so little effort in and they can really look just plain bad. Ellabelle loved the costume though. I hunted every inch of the Internet for a purple shirt that was the right color. Light purple and bright purple are very in this year so it was impossible. We were at the Dayton Mall and I was running in to every store just hoping there’d be a purple shirt that was just a normal purple color. And then, in The Children’s Place, hanging on a clearance rack, was a purple shirt!! It was a size XL but I decided I would just make it work. I sewed a glitter bat on the front and sewed a batgirl belt together as well. We bought her the batgirl cape and mask from Target and the black pants from Walmart. The girl loves her rainboots so we decided to just go with a yellow pair of those instead of attempting to find anything else. This proved to be hard to find too because they are expensive! I scoured the internet again and found a pair I loved on Target. They didn’t have her size though ::whomp whomp whomp:: So I kept searching. Finally, through a google search, I connected to a Target link with the same boots but in her size. I don’t know how it happened because I went back to Target’s site and searched directly from them and they never popped up! But we got the boots at a price we could afford and her entire costume is rewearable! Gold star for mom.


I contemplated having Mattie dress as Wonder Woman or Supergirl. The cost of licensed items or the supplies to make her an outfit just didn’t seem worth it. So she was a unicorn from Carters. A “Matticorn” to be more correct.

So Halloween arrived – on a Monday. Josh had to work at his other job so it was just momma and the babes. They stayed at Oma and Opa’s for the night so it’d be easier and quicker for me to pick them up. I got there and got them dressed and took pictures of them.

Thank god I did it there. First – there was a ton of traffic so we had to go the long way to our friends house where we were trick or treating, and we got stopped by a train. We got there with 5 mins to spare and I hear the most dreadful noise come from the backseat. Ellabelle emptied her entire stomach into her lap. Vomit everywhere. All over her costume.

I ripped her from the car, got her and Mattie into the bathroom at the house, stripped her down and put her jammies she had at my parent’s house back on. She had soaked her underwear through as well so she had to go commando. (I ended up yelling at her to pull her pants up all night) I put the batgirl pieces on with it and we back out the door with no damage to the bathroom. After chucking the vomit clothes that were in a plastic bag into the back of the car, we headed out.

We use a golf cart cause there 5 kids and three adults and I was really proud of Ellabelle for jumping off and on. She had a hard time keeping up with the boys because her boots are technically a size too big but she managed.

Mattie wanted out at every house we stopped at and originally I kept her happy with graham crackers. Those ran out and she wanted to go with Ellabelle. So I started letting her walk. She had no interest in the candy. She just wanted to follow her sister. Whenever she did get candy, she got like twice as much as the other kids! The unicorn outfit was a hit. The best part was watching her little padded butt toddle up and down driveways. The stuffing in her costume made her swish back and forth 😂.  

The older boys gave up earlier than the little kids did so we dropped them off and kept going. I’m sure the two left would’ve trick or treated right up til 8 but then Mattie peed all down my leg. We head back to the house and for the second time that night I stripped a kid down. Josh thankfully got off work early because he had gone to take a test that night. He was able to take the girls home in his car and I drove with all the windows down while the car and carseat was still covered in all the vomit I hadn’t gone back to clean up. We got home and I checked the girls candy and hung out with them while poor daddy cleaned out the car.

It was definitely a Halloween I will always remember. It’s the first (and hopefully only) time I’ve been vomited and peed on in one night.