August and September 

So, I have missed all of August and September and we’re almost half way done with October at this point, which is just unacceptable. So, quick recap and yet another promise to myself to actually get my shh together and write on a (at least) monthly basis. There really isn’t much to write about. We’ve actually been laying pretty low most of the time. Our lives have been mostly revolving around: SOCCER. 

Yep, Ellabelle started soccer. And she’s still participating in soccer. Note that I don’t say playing. Because she doesn’t play. She skips and dances and pretends to be a puppy and watches leaves fall and runs the opposite direction of the ball and requests water breaks in the middle of plays. And mommy (who is very competitive about everything) doesn’t take this well. I ruin soccer for Josh every game. We’ve got only one game left and I’ve vowed to leave my own expectations at home and cheer on my daughter like all the other (normal) parents. She did really well this past weekend though. So maybe there’s hope. Lol 
We managed to hit the pool one last time. 

We’ve been soaking up the last bits of summer. I’ve been itching for cooler weather ever since Ellabelle’s birthday has passed, but mother nature is not letting up the hot weather which has really sucked because our air conditioner hasn’t worked since the middle of August. But we’re making the best of it. 


Poor Maisy has been in a cone on and off the past two months. We’ve had a constant battle with fleas and the poor thing has been scratching and biting herself raw. So, she gets her treatment and her bath and in the cone she goes. And then everything seems fine until suddenly their back. It’s been a frustrating cycle. Luckily, we seem to finally have it under control. She’s just still biting herself for no reason now! I read on the internet that she could have developed almost like OCD now and she just does it out of habit. So she’s still in the cone.


My favorite part lately has been watching Ellabelle grow and change especially in her relationships with her sister and her daddy. Mattie is getting bigger and wanting to be near Ellabelle constantly. If she leaves the room, Mattie is sure to follow. She points and asks for her in the car when we pick her up first. She likes for us to point out her big sister when she’s running around on the soccer field. This admiration is expected and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted for my girls. What’s amazing is how wonderful Ellabelle is back to Mattie. I know growing up my sister and I didn’t get along and it goes back to the very very beginning. Like from day one. I worried that it was going to be like that with my girls. Ellabelle has spots of jealousy here and there and has issues sharing our attention sometimes, but she’s such a great big sister. She loves and shares and is so sweet to her sister most of the time. It’s amazing.


She’s also developed quite a sweet spot for her daddy lately. All she wants is his attention and to be near him. It’s very sweet to see.


Oh and did I mention that this happened? She needs to stop growing! 

My birthday passed and I never got around to writing my annual birthday blog, but that’s ok. 29 is going to be a good year (I hope anyways). We went to a Bengals preseason game the night before and Josh and I were both off on my birthday. Oma and Opa had the girls so it was a nice day together.

My real birthday gift came later in the month when I got to meet Moe the Sloth at the Cincinnati Zoo. He is amazing. It was one of the best things I’ve ever gotten to do. How many people can say they got to go hang out with a sloth?

For Josh, the excitement came the weekend before. He got to go meet his hero, Stan Lee. We had some great friends and family help us get him there, and it was just the greatest thing getting to help him meet him. Stan’s 93 years old so Josh’s chance to meet him was running out. So, it was such a highlight for him. 

And in completely unrelated news, I FINALLY finished Ellabelle’s baby blanket that I made out of onesies. Need to start working on Matilda’s now. 


The girls got their annual Halloween jammies.

And I’ve been a busy bee preparing for Christmas because I’m insane and love Christmas and can’t hardly wait for it to get here! 
Ellabelle requested we decorate for Halloween (be still my holiday loving heart!) but that’ll have to wait til my October update.