Fathers Day

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to say for father’s day. This is the 3rd attempt to write something (I deleted the last two because I hated them). I can’t seem to put into words what I want to say. Maybe it’s because there really isn’t any right words to express how great the father’s that have touched my life are and how thankful I am for them. 

My dad worked for years at a job he hated to support his family. When I say he hated it, I mean he HATED it. I honestly thought a mental health day was a real thing until I was in my teen years. He helped provide the best education possible for my sister and me and we had more of everything that we could’ve needed. My dad and I had a hard time getting along while I was growing up, and I realize now that I’m older that it’s because we’re so much alike. We are opinionated. We don’t back down. We like to always be right. We both have horrible tempers. I know that EB and I are going to be the same way (unfortunately). She’s Little Amy, and, even though no one ever called me it, I’ve always been Little Roger. Despite our head butting, I was always a daddy’s girl. He’s a jokester who likes to make people laugh. I’ll always remember him coming in and playing with my Simba before bed or him tickling me during dinner. Now, he gets to be the loveable playful Opa to EB and Mattie, and that’s the greatest role to get to watch him in. You can’t really appreciate him when you’re the kid and he’s the dad. You don’t have a scope of the world and relationships. But the Opa role, he’s perfect in. I’m so lucky he gets to be a part of these girls lives. I may have to send him their dentist bills though if he’s going to keep sneaking them so much candy.  

Josh’s dad came into my life 9+ years ago. I’ve learned quite a bit about Josh’s childhood through the years, and I know that the high regard Josh has for his dad is warranted. Josh had an unusual childhood with his parents separating twice before he was 8. He was raised from then on by just his dad. Neil taught him the value of hard work and doing whatever you have to do for your family. Josh didn’t have a lot growing up, but he always had everything he needed. He taught Josh how to be a “man” and how to be a dad. You step up when you need to and you do what you have to do. He is an amazing Papaw to our girls. When we told him that he was getting a granddaughter, Josh apologized as if we had done something wrong. He told him not to be with a gleam in his eye. That look has never gone away. He adores both of his girls, and the feeling is mutual.

Both of our dads have helped make us the people we are, and watching Josh be a dad is a joy to watch. I’ve wanted to be a mommy as long as I can remember. I’ve always wondered who the father would be and how he would be with my fictitious future babies. Josh is more than I ever imagined. He loves his babies with such a fierceness that I don’t think he even realizes it’s there. He lays on the floor and lets them jump all over him. He lets EB push the balls on the Tsum Tsum game. He lets them watch ponies on the tv when he’d rather be playing video games. He lays on the floor next to them at night and listens to them talk before bed. He carries EB on his shoulders at the flea market. He splashes and plays in the water table with them. He wrestles and daddy drops them until theyre gasping for breath from laughing. And, most importantly, he would die for these girls, walk through fire, take a bullet, brave going to the Walmart toy section. He would literally work himself to death if it meant that his girls could have everything the world has to offer. He pushes himself and forgoes sleep and things he wants to do for them. He is the best daddy I could’ve picked for my children. He cried when EB was born and danced for Mattie. He is their world and they are his. One of the best parts of being a mommy is getting to watch him be a daddy to my girls. 


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