🌧 April Showers & May Flowers 🌷

So it’s the middle of June and one of these days I’m going to have only one month to recap on, but today is not the day. 

We last left off with Easter and so much has happened since then. April was a very busy month for us. We started the month with a weekend filled with parties. 
April 2 – We were booked solid this day with two parties back to back, but I started the morning with some quiet time with my big one. I took Ellabelle to Daylight Donuts (which is our favorite donut place) by herself and she was thrilled. She got to pick out a donut and have mommy’s complete attention. 

That afternoon we went to Sophia’s second birthday party. It was Minnie Mouse themed, and the girls loved having other kids to play with.  We headed over to Cathy and Red’s for the spaghetti dinner. We didn’t last long there though because neither of the girls had gotten their naps.  

April 3 – Fake Easter
The Fulmers don’t like to do thinks traditionally. So our Easter was the weekend after.  Mattie got her first piece of candy.  

April 9 – Rollerderby  

April 16 – Zoo day!
We took the girls to see the manimals at the zoo. Lisa came along too which was a great help. We had a great time and the weather was great. 

Mattie got her zoo animal (Ellabelle got Satellite on her first visit) for her first visit – SlowMoe the Sloth. It was also to make up for my broke heart since Moe the real life sloth was not out to be seen. 

April 17 – Mamaw and Papaw’s
We went up to see Mamaw for her birthday (which is on the 13th). The girls always love visiting, and Mattie got to sit in the grass for the first time.  

April 22 – Mattie’s first ice cream
We went out for dinner and stopped at graeters for dessert. Ellabelle was sweet enough to share her ice cream with Mattie, who cried after each bite for more.   

April 30 -CRG Star Wars Night
Dressed as R2-D2 and Baby-8 – the girls took the roller derby game by storm. They looked adorable and loved the free lightsabers they got.  

Watch out, world! She’s coming to destroy you and everything you love. Seriously, she destructive and smart. It’s a dangerous combination.  

May was an even busier month for us. 
May 6 – Reds game after work
I won Reds tickets on opening day at work. So Josh and I decided to go. We aren’t big baseball people and going to the game only reinforced that fact. We barely made it through the 2nd inning. But it was fun to hang out with just each other.  

May 7 – Civil War and Dinner
Since Oma and Opa watched the girl over night for us, we went early to see the new marvel movie, Captain America Civil War. It was great. Plus, Cap is one of my fictional boyfriends so it was nice to see him on the big screen. 

We had dinner with Josh’s mom and sisters family that night. It was nice to get the family together since we don’t see them as often as we’d like to. 
May 8 – Mother’s Day
We spend Mother’s Day at my Grandmas house. We had pizza and spent time with my moms side of the family. I love when we all get together and that my girls get to be folded into this crazy loving family. 

May 15 – Mattie’s Party

After months of prep, my monsters party day finally arrived! It was so cold that she wore her footy jammies under her carefully picked out and created birthday outfit. She was loved on by so many people and I think she really had a good time. Ellabelle didn’t have a problem at the party with sharing the spotlight, but that’s only because people kept taking her over to the playground. 

 We are so lucky that so many people love our girls and were willing to brave the cold to celebrate our littlest one. 

May 19 – Matilda’s 1st Birthday
So I was kinda sorta hoping that digging in my heels and willing the calendar to stop would actually work and my baby wouldn’t turn 1. However, the morning of the 19th arrived anyway and my birthday girl had no idea anything was going on. Lol.  She got to open her present and eat her cupcake from her party (it was too cold to strip her on her party day). Ellabelle didn’t handle not having any presents to open very well, and she’s still not handling that they are Mattie’s and not hers to play with. I squished and loved my baby and I’m so thankful for the first of many years with my sweet pea.  

May 20 – Flat tire
We were on our way home from work when two different cars tried to stop us on the highway. Apparently, we had gotten a flat tire. Thankfully, we made it home safe and sound. We had to completely replace the tire though. 

May 21 – 5th Wedding Anniversary 

This guy is my rock and my shelter in this crazy world. I am so lucky I get to call him mine. I love you, Pooh Bear! 

May 22 – More Car Trouble 

We got a SECOND flat tire, but thankfully this tire was able to simply be patched. Josh took it to the shop and they let us know that our back brakes were metal on metal. Sooo, that meant more money to be shelled out. It was a really rough week car wise especially since the Taurus isn’t running currently. We got it all fixed though. 

May 28 – 1 year doctor appointment 
Mattie had her doctors appointment in the morning. She is a whole 22lbs of chunky love. She’s gotten longer too though so she’s evened out. She got three shots and did not appreciate them. Poor baby. 

May 30 – Memorial Day 
We went over to see Oma and Opa for the first time after Opa’s surgery. It was a nice visit even if it was hard to Ellabelle to understand why she wasn’t allowed to sit and play with Opa. 

We took the girls to the water playground after that. They had a blast. It was Mattie’s first time and she was a little hesitant of being splashed in the face but still smiled and played. 

June has consisted of mostly laying low and shuffling through our work week. We get home so late that there’s not much time for anything other than dinner, baths, and bed. 

Some little random tidbits:
Ellabelle has been working really hard on learning to write her name. She getting pretty good at it. She’s just having a hard time with the A so she writes Ellebelle. 

We’ve been trying to let the girls play with water as much as possible and get them outside. They love the pool and water table. 

Even with our financial situation the way it is, we still try to take the girls on miniadventures. 

And more milestone news from June, this kid is standing and cruising. She’ll be walking before long 

Ellabelle models and request pictures everyday. 

And some last randoms to enjoy: 

Hospital blanket bunnies I made the girls


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