So today starts April. I can’t believe it. It starts the busy time do the year for us it seems. So I wanted to do a quick post of what our February and March looked like before they get completely lost in the shuffle of everything to come. 
Life got a little bit better once the colds began to pass. We took Ellabelle to COSI for the day on the 13th. She had a blast even though most of the stuff was too old her to really get or participate with.  


She also got to meet Spider-man, Captain America, and Wolverine (who she kept calling Thor).  

She got a special treat in the form of a Build-A-Bear My Little Pony who she named DJ Music.  

Our Valentine’s Day was very quiet and that’s was just ok by me.  

 I also left my job at Butler County and started staying at home with the girls again right around then.

It snowed the only real snow we got on Presidents Day and the girls loved it.  

And then it got really warm and we got to enjoy wagon rides. You know, because Ohio’s weather is bipolar.  


Josh and I got to go on a movie date to see Deadpool on 2/21.  


Mattie was sick and had to go to the doctors on 2/23. We’ve been battling illness so much this winter, and this poor thing seems to have the brunt of it.  

Fish fries started and, while we couldn’t go to all of them due to the distance and timing, we still managed to squeeze a few in.  


March saw roller derby season start, and having my little ‘Elle on Wheels and Bad Mattitude ready to rep.  

The biggest change in March was my new job starting. It’s downtown so Josh and I can carpool and eventually we’ll be in the same building. It also meant finding new places for the girls to go during the day. 

Ellabelle started in an actual daycare, and she loves it. She loves going to school and for the first two weeks didn’t want to leave. That overexcitement has worn off and she’s happy to see us at pickup but she still jumps out of bed in the morning when you tell her it’s time to go to school. 

Mattie is with an at home babysitter not far from our house. So we’re stretched a little thin in the mornings dropping everyone off and getting to work but it’s what best for us right now. 

 March has been pretty quiet because we’re adjusting to our new schedule. The past week Josh has had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease which Mattie brought home. Luckily, Mattie’s case lasted for just a few days and she had minimal discomfort. Josh is still covered in blisters over a week later but he’s finally healing. 

I had to go to the Little Clinic this week because my tonsils were so swollen I couldn’t swallow. Turns out that I have strep and got some antibiotics, and I’m on the mend. Josh fell at work and hurt his shoulder and had to get a prescription for Motrin the next day. So the end of March has been pretty all over the place for us. We can’t wait for warm weather so we can open up and air out the house. 

 Oh and Easter. That happened in there somewhere. Mattie was still getting over a head cold so she was a bit of a mess but it was the best holiday yet. Ellabelle knew what was going on and was ecstatic for the Easter bunny to come see her. Mattie had fun with her eggs. We went to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt in and Saturday.  

And we planted our magic jelly beans that grew into lollipops over night.  

The Easter bunny came to see us on Sunday morning.  

 We went to brunch with Oma, Opa, and Angie and then colored eggs at their house. It was a short day because Mattie refused to nap at their house. Josh missed all the festivities because of the HFMD.  

We’ve got fake Easter this weekend and a birthday party and the spaghetti dinner. Like I said, busy time is coming. 

Oh and a little girls birthday is fast approaching. Lots of work and planning to still do for that too.  

Life is busier and crazier but it’s also getting to be so much more fun as these girls get older.