Life in the Petri dish

When I was pregnant, I decided I was only going to have kids that never got sick. And for the first 3 years the universe seemed to comply with this decision. But then the past three weeks happened. And, boy, did the universe decide to remind me who’s really in charge.  
It all started with Miss Mattie. She developed a runny nose which became a deep cough. My happy, active, oversmiley baby was just sitting and staring glassy eyed around here for days on end. 

We took her to the doctor and, thankfully, she didn’t have croup like we had worried.   

On Saturday, I felt like we were finally in the clear. Mattie was acting more like herself and only her cough was hanging around. Well, Saturday night into Sunday, Ellabelle made it very apparent that she had the same cold. And lucky me, I caught it too. Poor Josh had to care for her “gaggle of sick girls”.  

Ellabelle’s cold seemed to migrate into her chest and she did nothing but sleep all the time. Four days after it started, we were growing more and more worried. Her fevers fluctuated between 99-102, but they never left. She hit 103 on Wednesday, and we knew she needed to go see the doctor. Josh took Ellabelle on Thursday, and they said she had pneumonia.  

 She got amoxicillin (“the pink stuff” as we called it growing up). My poor babies were just not themselves, and we’ve all been cranky. She’s finally feeling better, and I’ve finally started being able to breathe and taste food again. 
Hopefully, it’s all passed, and we won’t have another bad spell of sickness in our house again. We’ve had the worst past few weeks. I’m so over all of this!



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