Of mom moments, festivals, and paint

It’s been a busy weekend for us around here. My Friday started with a migraine. I popped some aspirin and tried to push through the day. Mattie was upset for no reason all morning. Ellabelle was taking full advantage of me not feeling well (which she always does. I swear she has spidey senses for this kind of thing). After much fights and arguing, I decided to get the girls out of the house. We went for a walk. We’ve all been stir crazy anyways because the weather has been so unpredictable. So I got dressed, dressed and changed both girls, and loaded them up, and we made our way around the complex. And of course, I had us out around noon without realizing it so the sun was high and hot. I had Mattie in a hat, but we zigged and zagged under whatever shade we could find. 20150809-172257.jpg

We made it home and I patted myself on the back for making it in and out of the house easily and making it a whole mile (baby stepping back into things). Go us!

I congratulated myself a little too soon because then all hell broke loose. Ellabelle ran off and refused to stay with me while I tried to get Mattie in the house. I managed to get both of them in and chuck the double strolled into the front of Josh’s car. Then I discovered Maisy had decided to make the girls toy area her personal bathroom and took a few toys with her. Mattie decided she was hungry and started screaming. Ellabelle was mad because I wouldn’t get her a snack or her iPad. This moment was not my shining moment as a mother. Like face-turning-red embarrassing mom moment. I was the mom I swore I’d never be. I also had no idea just how hard motherhood was going to be. I failed as a mother in that moment.

However, it was just a moment. I got Maisy’s mess cleaned up and put Ellabelle down for a nap and feed the baby and things seemed to settle down. Moms put too much pressure on themselves (at least I do), and I know I need to remember that I’m human and am allowed to be stress and crazed too. I popped two more aspirin in, and I managed to get a shower without Mattie screaming during it and get dressed for date night.

Whovian date night

I’ll say that again – DATE NIGHT!!

Mamaw and Papaw had requested Ellabelle for the night so we asked if they’d also watch Mattie for the evening. We dropped them off and went and saw Ant-man. It was amazing and totally stands up against all the other awesome Marvel movies in the cinematic universe. We grabbed dinner (Josh kept watching an video billboard out the window while we ate) and picked up our little one.

Saturday morning we went and grabbed breakfast, and it was nice and quiet. It’s so easy to forget how much work goes into taking a toddler out in public. Afterwards, Josh tore a bush out of our backyard while I worked on straightening up the girls room. I think he had the easier job because I got stuck with the baskets. (Insert face over a flashlight in the dark making scary noise). Cause let’s be honest – washing, drying, and folding laundry is only half the battle. It’s a whole other story to get them all hung up in the closet. It took a lot of focus and perseverance, by I got it done with a few pit spots thanks to my special helper demanding a bottle and a butt change in the process.

We picked Ellabelle up from Josh’s dads house and had dinner with them while we watched Big Hero 6.

We stopped at St. John’s festival on our way home. It’s a church right up the street from our house. We had to park up on a big hill and walk down through the church’s prayer trail. It was muddy and slick, and Ellabelle kept trying to push me into the weeds. We all survived and collected ourselves, and we had a really good time. We played a few games and rode a few rides. Ellabelle and I went down the slide. She thought it was amazing. image

And since the guy didn’t charge me any tickets to go down the slide Ellabelle got to ride two more rides instead of one. image image

Today ended up being another day of work. I got up early and ran to the grocery store and came home and made breakfast. Ellabelle has a cold so she laid on the couch and watched Rapunzel. Josh trimmed the rest of the bushes around our house and mowed. I cleaned the living room and kitchen and then painted the railing around our front porch. Thankfully, Josh helped me finish the floor. We got half way done and ran out of paint. Oops.


But that’s a problem for another day. Cause Josh is grilling out dinner with his helper

20150809-174503.jpg and I made cookies for dessert for while we watch Big Brother (Ellabelle cheers every time it comes on. Lol)


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