Trauma bomb!

  (Note: if you don’t know who Lumpy Space Princess is – you should.)

So a little back story – 2 years ago, my second molar from the back on the right side of my mouth started really hurting. It was hurting me so bad that I went to see a dentist, and I hate dentists. I put dentists on the same level as politicians – it’s all about the money. Anyways, he said that I needed to have a root canal on the tooth because my cavity from when I was younger was failing. Also he said the tooth was structurally unsound on one side so he’d have to put a metal rod in my gum and then a cap on top to keep it all together. Oh, and he wanted $2200 upfront (that’s with insurance).  


Luckily, he also prescribed an antibiotic and it killed the infection and took the pain away. 
A year ago, the same tooth cracked in half and a quarter of it fell out. No pain. No problem. 
Enter pregnancy – swollen belly, swollen hands, swollen feet, and, unfortunately, swollen gums. So my gum swelled up and filled in the empty hole in the tooth and the pain returned. I went to a dentist in January ’15. She said she recommended trying to save it (there’s only 3/4 of it remember) but I could have it removed and she wanted an oral surgeon to do it because of the extra gum and because I was pregnant. She gave me a referral. Oral surgeon wanted the money up front and being that it was after Christmas made this not possible. Luckily, she gave me antibiotics. 
Ok, welcome to May 2015. Tooth pain returned in April. After weeks of trying everything – oil, garlic, tea bags, ice, heat, orajel, salt water – I was in so much pain I wanted to bang my head against the wall.   


I finally decided that it was time to get in pulled. 
We went to an urgent dental office and waited. And waited. And waited. After 2 hours, I got called back. This dentist told me that the tooth could be saved if I really wanted to but he said it would make it maybe 5 years before it’d need to be redone. So out was the best option. Cool. They shot me up locally with three different needles. This sent me into a shaking fit.  


He came back and started trying to pull it. Got half way under the stupid tooth and the pain hit me again. So he put the needle under the tooth and  injected. He did this 3 times total. He was trying to keep it from breaking on the way out, but he ultimately had to saw the tooth in half and take out one side. The other, well, had a ball at the root which means the root had grown wide as it came in. He really wanted to get that ball out, but he compared it to trying to get a ship out of a bottle. He said it was probably going to break. He said he could go in and get it but a major nerve ran through it so it could lead to complete numbness under my bottom right teeth for the rest of my life. No thanks. 
Well, long story short, after a very log process of me yelling out around hands, he got the damn tooth out and the ball broke and is still in there. They assured me it wouldn’t cause any troubles, and my jaw bone would just grow around it. 
Phew. Trauma over. 
Or so we thought. 
So, fast forward to about 9 o’clock that night. Baby M hadn’t been moving since I was having the tooth pulled. I laid on my side, walked, bounce, you name it I tried it to get her to move. But nothing. Of course we were worried. 
So I called the doctor and he told me I did everything he would suggest and sent me to L&D to be monitored. As soon as we got there and they hooked the monitors up, she went crazy. The nurses said it was a good thing, but it was frustrating after days of not sleeping and finally being pain free enough to get some shut eye. 
We were released around midnight with good news – she was active and her fluid levels were perfectly fine. They thought it may have been the stress of the whole tooth pulling that caused her to lay low. 
So, Monday the 4th was very much a trauma bomb! I’m just glad it’s over. My tooth has healed well. She’s doing great and active like crazy. We’re so close to her being here and there’s just so much to do still. I’m trying to soak up as much one on one time with my Bee before she has to share me as well as dealing with lots of end of pregnancy pains. I’m just very much looking forward to having my two girls and things getting back to normal. Or well our new normal.  


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