Bacon Bit and Tater Tot

So, it’s been about a month since I posted anything. That’s because there hasn’t really been anything to report. I’ve been sick. EB has been in her cast. Life has kinda be a boring pattern of day in and day out. There’s good news though…
The cast….
It’s gone!
We took her in on Tuesday, 10/21, to get it taken off. We were under the impression that they’d xray her and decide if she was ready. That was not the case. We get there and waited like 5 minutes (if that) and they called us back. Josh was getting coffee so we had to wait for him before we could start. They had me lay her down on the exam table and then they sawed that bad boy right off. EB whined a little because of the noise, but that was it.
She cried and shook like crazy once it was off though, but that was totally normal apparently. Her muscle was so underused that it hurt her to even stretch out her leg. We did get an xray afterwards and she has a lot of new bone growth so she’s looking great! She’s been crawling and scooting around at home, but she’s still weary about putting weight on that leg. I think we’re gonna get her old baby walking toy out and see if that helps her. 10384908_10100716975417820_2846209847274732870_n
As for how she’s doing, she’s like a totally different kid than the one who’s been living with us for the past 6 weeks. She’s happy and bubbly and wants to hug and snuggle. She’s sweet as can be and her bad attitude seems to have gone in the trash with that disgusting cast. I’m so happy to have my girl back. 10525733_10100718015244000_22447694748982866_n
As for the other good news in our lives, we announced last week that we expecting baby #2.
I’ve been keeping track of the past few weeks on my phone since I couldn’t post them on here. So, here’s the tater tots first blog posts:
Week 5: So I’m burning some time at work because this day has gone so incredibly, awfully slow, and it’s too late to start anything new. I asked Josh to give me something to do and he told me to work on a baby blog because I haven’t written anything about it yet. I did start writing about my pregnancy from the very beginning with Ellabelle. I just feel like there’s nothing to write except to whine about how tired I am. Plus, no one actually sees these posts til well after the fact because I post them after everyone knows which will probably be around week 10.But then I realized that if I put off doing early posts about baby #2 that I’ll be doing exactly what I swore I wouldn’t and not providing both children with equal childhood memories. That means photo books for both and baby books filled out for both. (Granted EBs stops around the 12month mark). There will be belly bump pictures followed monthly pictures (and blog posts) for tator tot.

Yes, tator tot. We don’t do peanut or any other cutesy nicknames that you hear baking babies referred to as. We had a bacon bit last time and a tator tot this time.

About the pregnancy though, I feel generally ok. I’m drained and ready for bed at 7, but there’s been very little nausea and no vomiting (::knock on wood::). I’ve heard boys are less likely to torture you while pregnant so I’m leaning in that direction of what I think it is so far. I’ve also been so very cold. All. The. Time. And this is weird because I’m usually a blast furnace. So, that’s where I’m at with this so far. My first doctors appointment is Oct 17 which is driving me crazy how far away it is. I’m so impatient.

Week 7: welp, I’m still hanging in there as we round third on week 7. I don’t remember when I finally started to feel like I could really function again last time. This time I’ve got a much better defense mechanism: drugs. It’s ok. They’re doctor prescribed. I’m taking a zofran around lunch time ( and that is the same drug they give chemo patients if you happen to recognize) and a unisom at night before bed. And I stuff my face with something every hour and I think I’m doing ok. I’m so tired in the evening by which sucks because I feel like I don’t do anything to help the hubs or pay much attention to the kid. The cast as actually been a great help it seems (not that it makes me happy it’s around) in that she sits on the couch and I sit on the couch and we veg together. I’m gonna get some vitamin B6 tonight and hopefully it’ll put a little pep in my step.We did the breast cancer walk last weekend and it nearly knocked me out. I managed to do about half of it but I definitely pushed myself way too hard.

On Tuesday this week, I ended up in the emergency room at Christ due to extreme pain in my abdomen and feeling like I couldn’t breathe. After a couple hours, they told me I had a sub chorionic hematoma that are common but most woman can’t even feel them. They put me on bed rest for 48 hours just to be safe. So that was fun.

Week 9: I should’ve bit my tongue. It’s been a rough two weeks on my gut. I got off zofran because it was causing other issues and I didn’t feel like the good outweighed the bad. I’m now on diclegis which has been so helpfully. I feel better when I wake up and I can manage to stay awake and active later into the evening (I even made soup last night!) Most of the time, I’m just down and out because I’m lacking so much energy. Hopefully, that comes back soon enough. With EB out of her cast, she’s ready for mommy’s undivided attention, and, as much as I want to give it to her, it’s easier said than done most days.