Vas You Ever in Zinzinnati?

We love fall around here. Josh loves it for Halloween, scary movies, and pumpkin spice at Starbuck. I love fall for pumpkin patches and crunchy leaves and hayrides. And around here, Oktoberfest is the first sign that the cool air is coming.


We spent Friday night at Germania Park enjoying the food, the friends, and the polka music. Ellabelle was surprisingly well behaved. She sat in her stroller and had no complaints (for awhile). Then we passed her around from person to person. Then our friend, Lisa, showed up and let her run around and she was happy to come back and sit after that.  10547536_10100653280717510_418456393389468877_n 10641162_10100653280862220_6059510678638649431_n 10385309_10100653280433080_8850532460587057952_n 10444733_10100653280308330_6930670633035250394_n 10557202_10100653280273400_7456817192540893337_n

We didn’t drink any beer (because I’m a bad German and Josh was driving), but the food…oh the food. If there’s one thing German’s are good at, it’s cooking amazing food. We had sauerkraut balls (breaded balls of sauerkraut that are deep fried), potato pancakes with applesauce to dip them in, brats, sweet corn on the cob, german potato salad, and I got my first world famous Oktoberfest chicken. They are cooked over an open pit and are ah-mazing! 10347790_10100653280118710_7575284534115935183_n

Dessert is always the best part though. We got a cinnamon crisp because we wanted to try something new. However, nothing can compare to the creme puffs. We actually ended up buying and eating two of them, and there were no thoughts to snap a pic first. (Hey, Germans aren’t known for being skinny). 10577064_10100653280902140_2152357229100406394_n

It was nice to have a night out. We so rarely go out and do things like this. I had plans to go to so many different festivals this year, but we bought a car and it seems like money is always holding us back lately. So, one night not worrying about anything but twinkle lights and the chicken dance was perfect.


EB’s third Oktoberfest was definitely a success, and I love being able to share part of her heritage with her. Now that our tummies are full of German goodness, we can start looking forward to the rest of the heat of summer and the (hopefully) gentle movement into crisp fall air. 

year 1 & year 2
year 1 & year 2
Year 3 (and in her new I love Oma & Opa shirt)
Year 3 (and in her new I love Oma & Opa shirt)


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