EBs daily mountains

My kid amazes me every day. And I’m sure most parents feel the same way. There’s this tiny little human that you had a part in making, and suddenly it’s doing things it couldn’t do yesterday. It seems like lately, as we get closer to the two year mark, that she’s taking in so much more than before.

Like just today, she did three things that just totally blew me away.

1.She grabbed the remote, brought it to me, and asked, “Gabba gabba?”

Now she knows the remote being picked up makes Yo Gabba Gabba, her still favorite show, come on. She also knows that when she uses the remote it doesn’t magically work like when mommy or daddy does it. Today was the first time she showed me that she understood the whole string of action needed to watch Gabba. It amazed me. 

2.She ate cereal for dinner.

It was a battle trying to get her to eat and, finally, I caved and just gave her cereal. You gotta pick your battles with her. So, I gave her a bowl with barely any milk on the cereal and a spoon. Last time I did this – DISASTER. Milk and cereal went every where. She hit me with the spoon. The bowl ended up on the floor. Tonight, though, she ate the entire bowl like a big girl. No fingers. All spoon. She’s been big on utensils lately and normally gets impatient and uses her hands towards the end. This was a huge victory in the table manners department. Now if only we could get her to figure out that she can’t put her feet on the table.

3. The princess shoes.


She’s been obsessed with her Rapunzel princess heels lately. She carries them around the house. She puts them in her house. She brings them to me to show me. Today, she put them on, and, unlike the last time when she cried because I put them on her, she walked around in them. She put them on all by herself and she walked around pretty well for a while. They slowed her down so she took them off and put them in her house for safe keeping, but girl put them on by herself! 

So they weren’t huge milestones, and I’m not gonna run and write them down in her baby book which I’m totally behind on anyways, but they were big for us. They were huge. Today they were mountains that our EB conquered on her own. It’s hard to believe that in 9 days she’ll be two. She takes in so much and cracks us up in the process (like the fact that she put her arms throw my bra and then rubbed my closed deodorant stick under her arms this evening). She’s just suddenly bursting with knowledge of normal things we don’t think twice about doing. She’s learn and growing and it makes this momma’s heart happy. 🙂 IMG_3179

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