Old Leather


I have always wondered where these weird year associations for anniversaries came from. Last year, it was cotton. Year one was paper. This year we are on the leather anniversary. Leather. I don’t know if there’s anything less romantic that leather. It makes me think of bikers. And Leatherface.

Hardly romantic.

It also brings to mind cows which makes me think of cows saying “Moo” which makes me think of Maisy.

Again, hardly romantic. Moo.

So leather. I had a tough time making some sort of cutsie connection with this one. And it bothered me all night. So, I did a little research. See I honestly don’t know much about leather other than it comes from cows, it’s used to make couches and purses and coats, it shrinks when you got hot (at least according to Friends and Ross’ leather pants), and football helmets used to be made of it. So, here’s what I’ve learned about leather: it’s tough. It’s more difficult to puncture than you might think, and it outlasts most synthetic materials. It doesn’t often show wear and softens with time, but it stays strong.

So, actually, it’s exactly like a marriage. It’s rough and sometimes it hurts, like breaking in new leather boots, but once you’ve stuck with it awhile they get comfy and become your favorite pair of shoes. The wear of time actually makes it better, just like a marriage. We’ve made it through the hard times (they do say the first year you’re married is the hardest) and now we’re comfortably coasting along. Life is gonna throw us curves, but we’re still tough and ready to go. And all those rough spots, they don’t show much. They’re in the past and we’re moving full speed ahead. Plus, a few blemishes here and there adds character.

photo 1

So, moving past the weird leather idea, I’m excited to go forward into our fourth year of marriage. Three has been a good year for us. Our baby has become a toddler. Our house has become even more of a home. Jobs have come and gone. New jobs obtained. Foundations for future plans have been laid.

I think this next year is going to be a fun and exciting year full of lots of new things. We’re looking into and working on finding a house big enough that we can continue to grow our family. We’re starting to save for the future. We’re trimming the fat, sorta speak, when it comes to crap around our house. We have some big decisions to make as we move into the next big step together. We are going to be making decisions that will ultimately decide the next 20 or so years of our lives. It’s scary and exhilarating, and I am so lucky to have my best friend by my side.

photo 5


You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.

            The mac to my cheese

            The raviolis to my nap

            The beach to my ocean

            The Joker to my Batman

            The companion to my Doctor, or

            The Doctor to my Tardis (depending on which Doctor)

            The Hedwig to my Harry

            The Mr. Darcy to my Elizabeth

            The Rhett to my Scarlett

            The Andy to my Conan

            The Spidey to my Gwen

            The chimichangas to my Deadpool

            The bag and board to my comics

            The flip to my flop

            The grump to my grumpy

            The Rory to my Amy

            The oreos to my milk

            The Beast to my Belle

            The personal flurry to my Olaf

            The Gabba gang to my DJ Lance

            The Walmart to my dinner date

            The Bonard to my Hazel

            The Oob to my Flerm

            The gay sparkly vampire to my lack of expression face

            The Ross to my Rachel –no, wait…

            The Chandler to my Monica

           The Tony to my Pepper

           The Coulson to my Skinny Steve

           The Banner to my Hulk

           The Geek to my Nerd

           The Wario to my Baby Peach


           The  Murder Song to my “damn Disney song”

           The Jericho to my Bellini

          The daddy to my mommy

          The Pooh Bear to my 2nd Grade

photo 3

I love you, Joshua Neil. Thanks for picking me. ❤


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