Life update

There’s been a trend around here lately. Sunday – momma wakes up early (like 5am-ish early). I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this trend. I mean, it’s clearly my internal clock being like, “Aren’t you suppose to be up?!” which sucks cause I’d like to be able to sleep in. However, I do get some quiet time to myself. Alone. Ok, with a dog and random cat, but I shoo the cats away and the dog just sleeps so it’s pretty much alone. I get to catch up on my shows, browse the internet without little hands demanding to see too, and I get to write.

Life seems to be flying by. My dad always told me to enjoy my teens because once I had a kid and a job the days are gone in a blink of an eye. Somehow we’re into April already this year. March barely seemed to stop by to say hi before it was out the door. Every year it seems to somehow be busier the last.

This time last year I had just started my new job and we were all getting accustom to the new schedule and changes to our routine. And here it is again, new job and new routine but this one feels right. We are finally in the place we’ve been aiming for. It’s only the starting point for us, but I feel like we’ve finally found the road we want to travel. I currently love my job. I’m busy doing new and different things and I feel like I’m finally starting to get a hang of it all. 

March 1st Josh and I participated in the NKU Homecoming alumni chili cookoff. We made white chicken chili and lost, and we lost, but we had fun. That’s all that matters right 😉 IMG_7916

March 8th was the Cincinnati Rollergirls first game of the season! Ellabelle had an outfit to wear (of course). I had to make her a shirt cause they don’t sell the shirt in baby sizes and once again she was a hit. IMG_8062

People came to see her and Josh in his sheep hat. Some drunk lady asked to take a picture with him and proceeded to kiss and him afterwards. The team lost, but it was still a lot of fun. Ellabelle danced around like a nut most of the time. IMG_8103IMG_8112

March 12th was the circus! The greatest show on earth! IMG_8289And let me just lay this down for you: $14 cotton candy. Seriously. It was redonk. The shows was amazing though. Ellabelle cried and cried about having to wait and then she fussed during the preshow. IMG_8281 IMG_8284

But once it started, girl got quiet. And she watched. And she laughed at the clowns. And she gasped for the elephants. And she pointed and clapped at the poodles. IMG_8346IMG_8342

And then there was daddy. Josh thought the circus was “going to be lame.” He thought the circus was just fat clowns walking around. Boy, was he wrong! And to use his description, “It’s Dixie Stampede on speed!” He loved it. He was so scared for the air acrobats. And he was just as excited as Ellabelle about everything. I loved it because it was entertaining, but I loved watching Josh and Ellabelle react more than the show. I’m so glad I got to experience both of them seeing it all for the first time. IMG_8303 IMG_8295

March 22nd was a big day for Josh. For the past 5 years, Josh has grown out his hair, raised money, and shaved his head for St. Baldricks, an organization that raises money for pediatric cancer research. This year was his sixth year and he worked to put together the event himself. So off to the C&D we went. IMG_8694


We had a chili cook off and lots of amazing raffle prizes. We raised over $700 from that day alone!IMG_8696 IMG_8707

I’m so proud of all the hard work he put into it and so thankful for all those people who came out to support Baldricks and Josh.  IMG_8729

March 29th was another roller derby game. It was Heroes night so we dress up as Fanman, Fangirl, and Fanbaby! We looked like total nuts, but the rollergirls loved us! Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.30.47 AM


And between all that, Little Flower lent fish fries have been going on. My child loves the sweets, but hates the not being able to run around and terrorize people thing. IMG_8417 IMG_8430IMG_9159

So, now it’s April. The weather keeps teasing us with pockets of warm air and then bring back the cold. Hopefully, we’ve finally shaken winter off for good. We need more fresh air and playgrounds and car rides in lives. IMG_9045IMG_8454IMG_9087

This little girl had her first gymnastics class yesterday. The instructor said she was a pro and took chances on things most kids don’t their first time. She’ll definitely be going back. 


And mentioning my little lady, she’s growing so much still. I wish I could make it stop! She’s working on getting words down and amazes me with what she’s able to take in. IMG_8753 IMG_8913She’s inquisitive and smart and loves her animals and toys. IMG_9187IMG_9047IMG_9184She’s a terror sometimes, but she’s got a face that’s hard to stay mad at. IMG_8891

Other than that, we’ve been busy living life. Looking forward to lots of fun things coming up in April and May. So, now, since everyone is STILL asleep, I’m going to go make some monkey bread for breakfast.