A post to catch up

I’ve had a lot going around here lately. It’s been almost a month since I’ve even bothered to write anything and that’s not cool in my book. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the stress from work and dealing with an ever growing, ever exploring toddler that, unfortunately, my “me time” for writing has been put on the back burner.

I didn’t write about our trip to the beach. DSCN8756

I didn’t document the significant moment of taking my kid to our happy place. IMG_0607

How she hated the sand so much that we joked that we could put her on the beach blanket and leave to go get lunch and that she’d still be there when we got back. (We didn’t test this theory though.) IMG_0652IMG_0658DSCN8812

How she screamed every night because she didn’t want to miss anything Grandma and Grandpa might be doing in the living room so we had to hold her until she fell asleep. How she loved the pool even though the rest of us thought it was too cold. IMG_0720

How on the last day mommy took her out into the water and she loved it (because she wasn’t in the sand) and how much I wish I tried it earlier in the week but had decided to trust her instincts and not push her instead. DSCN8800

How while on vacation, I was furloughed. And then for about a week and a half after my vacation. And how I went back to work finally and how it was all downhill from there. And how I’m no longer employed there anymore. That’s a whole story I could write about, but I won’t because, honestly, I don’t want to ever come back and stumble upon it later in life. I’m ready to move on from this chapter in my life.

I didn’t write about how EB did her second breast cancer walk. Or how she was a huge hit in her pink car and tutu. Or how proud I was of me for being able to do the whole walk without stopping especially since I did only, maybe, a mile last year, post c-section. IMG_0895

She had her 15 month check up and she’s looking right on track. She’s projected to be as tall as her mommy (5’5”) with the way she’s growing. IMG_2364

EB went to second Halloween party this past weekend. She was the sunflower from Plants vs. Zombies. She got hot so she stripped down to her onesie. To be expected with this kid.733904_10100392957267790_204673525_n

She got her first hair cut from Aunt B. Nanna. She looks so grown up now! IMG_2576

And, last night, we had another huge milestone. Miss EB took her first unassisted steps! She took two away from mommy and one and a half back. She hasn’t tried again since, but that’s ok. At least I know she can do it.

So, now I’m a stay at home mom for a bit. I feel like I have even less time to myself because at least when I went to work I was alone for a while. I have apparently become a 24 hour mom since I no longer go to work. I love my kid, but I’m seriously itching for some me time. In fact, this is what it looked liked while I attempted to write this: Photo on 10-29-13 at 9.23 PM #2

I’m no complaining (although I’m sure it may sound like it). I love my kid and the fact that its all about mommy these days. I love getting to hang out with her. I love not having to leave her. I also hate that I never get to leave her or get a moment of peace. So goes the constant struggle of being a mom. At least she’s good company.IMG_1024


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