EB Update

First of all, when did my kid get so big?!


She has her four front top teeth, two bottom front teeth, and two bottom molars.

Her hair is down past her shoulders when wet and curls up when dry.

She’s a speed demon on her knees now and figures out how to escape through her gate almost everyday. She is pulling herself up and cruises along everything – the couch, the gate, the ottoman. She also likes walking with the help of her toys.

Yesterday she started trying to stand for the first time without support. She kinda wobbled back and forth for about 30 seconds before she fell onto her butt. She did this a few times.

She loves music and bounces up and down on her knees to dance to it. She usually claps along too. She recently learned to do a high five.

She loves to try and climb people. She loves bathtime and makes a beeline to the tub when she escapes her playpen.

Her current favorite movie is The Lorax, and she still loves Yo Gabba Gabba.

My girl is getting so big – 22lbs. She babbles and loves to smile. She finally said “mama”! (She says it “muhmuh”) And regardless of what people say, I’m excited for her to start walking.


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