My child, the glutton

There are seven deadly sins.

Pride (considered the worst of the all for some reason).

I can and do admit to committing all of them in some sense, big or small, at one point in my life. Now, maybe I haven’t committed them to the biblical extent, but I’m human and I own up to being envious and slothlike on occasion as well as the others.

My child, though, is constantly guilty of committing the sin of gluttony. She’s is a glutton. This kid is sweet and sociable and easy going until you introduce food into the picture. And then she turns into this:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.41.26 AM

And at the babysitters, she’s an angel. They don’t believe that she gets fussy and mean sometimes. But they’ve seen the demon come out – at snack time. They now feed Ellabelle first, before anyone else. And they have snack time as soon as she gets there. And today, she followed a little boy around because he had a donut. He’d go to the corner to hide and eat it, and she’d follow him. So he’d go to a different corner, and she was right behind him. This poor kid just wanted to enjoy his donut in peace, but not with the glutton around.

At restaurants, she knows food is coming so she screams until we appease her with puffs. Josh and I can’t eat at home unless she’s got food of her own. She will sit and scream until we give her food. And if you make the mistake of sharing something yummy with her (ice cream or cereal that isn’t Cheerios for example) you better be prepared to shovel it in her mouth as soon as she’s done eating that bite you just gave her. Now don’t think we haven’t tried to not give her food. We’ve tried so hard to break her of this habit. We’ve ignored her. We’ve tried distracting her. We’ve even removed her from the direct vicinity of the food. We’ve tried it all. But you’ve never seen this child cry. She does NOT stop. She will cry and scream until she can’t breathe and is red in the face, then, she’ll pause, take a few deep breaths, and start again. It’d actually be impressive if it wasn’t so awful. It’s hard as a parent to let her do that. Plus, it’s not like she eats nonstop. She only eats when we eat. So it’s not like she’s a glutton to the point of obesity. In fact, at her last doctors appointment, we were told to give her extra calories because she’s not the right weight for her length. But still. It’d be nice to eat and not have her climbing me trying to see whats in my bowl or on my plate.

Thank god she’s cute.



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