Tammi the Taraus is sick

There’s an ever present trend in my life – I hate Tuesdays. Well, this week I hate Mondays. Yes, Tuesday and I still didn’t see eye to eye – I was tired, my head hurt, and work totally blew. But Tuesday was been kind to me this week. For you see, Monday made me its bitch. Well, my car anyways.

So Tammi the Taraus has been a very good car to me. I’ve had her since late 2008/early 2009. I can’t remember exactly when, but I do know it was my senior year of college.

So on the way to work on Monday I got stuck in traffic. Mind you, I’ve been coming in an hour early to earn credit hours to use when we go to the beach. So normally traffic is decent. Well, I crawled along the way because of an accident. It took me twice as long to get to work (1 hour instead of 30 minutes) and when I got to the spot where the radio had said there was an accident there was nothing! It was ridiculous.

So after sitting in traffic for over an hour, Tammi decided to stutter and try to die on me as I got off the highway. Well I crossed the bridge into Kentucky and she tried to die again. I prayed we’d make to a parking spot, and we did. I checked my oil and it was bone dry (sorry, Tam). So Poor Josh tried to bring me some on my first break, but he got stuck in traffic. So he missed me. So he waited around Covington with a fussy hungry baby and no diaper bag.

Luckily I got to have lunch with him and Ellabelle. So it wasn’t all bad. The drive home was horrible because the oil didn’t help. So I took Tammi to the Ford dealer on Tuesday and she got looked at. Luckily, I only have to replace two hoses. So she’s getting an oil change and will be back to me tomorrow. I like driving my dads car. It’s fast and light, but it’s no Tammi. I’ll be glad to have her back.


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