Mein Deutsch Beitrag

I’m German. Schoenig, Dunhoft. Fulmer. Rolfes. Lots and lots of German floating around in this gene pool. So when Oktoberfest season starts (yes, there’s more than one here) I get happy. This weekend we went to the first of the season – Germania Oktoberfest.

the chicken hat returns!
the chicken hat returns!

We ate goetta IMG_0236

and sauerkraut IMG_0513

and creme puffs.


We watched them cook world famous Oktoberfest chickens. IMG_0517

We watched the rat game. Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.36.27 PM

Most importantly, we sat at the crowded picnic table surround by trees listening to some German lounge singer under the twinkle lights, and we were happy. It was beautiful night to celebrate the joys of being German. (I took Josh’s name, and he took my heritage). We talked and ate and laughed and took pictures and tried to win my mom a purple monkey (we failed). We were together. It’s been a long time since we had such a great night. It was well deserved.

I love who I am and where I came from and that I get to share all of this with my little German girl. okt


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