A random rambling post

It’s my lunch break. Fridays tend to drag on at work somehow so I felt like it took forever to get to lunch anyways. What’s weird is that I don’t really know what to do with myself.

I ate. (Peanut butter sandwich and Cheetos)

I checked my apps. (Facebook, Instagram, timehop, and twitter)

And there’s nothing on the tv in the canteen worth watching.

Usually I talk to josh on my lunch break. Tonight he’s napping. Ellabelle is too so I didn’t have the heart to make him get up just to talk to me. Plus this building is either made out of lead or its got too many govt security features on it that keep my cell phone from getting a decent signal. So I’m just sitting. It’s been a quiet night here at work since I’ve been working pretty much alone. I get to spend the last half of my night on a computer.

I got to nap with Ellabelle today so I’m not as tired as I usually am but she jacked up my arm while we slept. I don’t have really much else to say. I’m just ready to go home and start my weekend.



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