Quick Tuesday Post

Ellabelle hasn’t been sleeping well which means none of us have been sleeping well. She’s congested and sunburnt and possibly teething. So it could be any of those factors or all of them that’s making her wake up crying just long enough to wake me up and then fall back sleep.

Work was a struggle tonight. I just want to be at home with these three:

20130821-004909.jpg And maybe a cat to curl up with.

I’m tired and sad and tired. (Did I mention tired?) The last time I felt like this was when I had a newborn in the house. Ellabelle has given her cold to me and if she feels like I do I get why she wakes up crying. Tuesdays suck. Luckily, this quick Tuesday post is actually posting on Wednesday which means its time to go home to my pillow and to my baby.



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