Thirsty Thursday

I think most 20 something’s in this country knows what thirsty Thursday is. And, if we’re being honest, it’s just an excuse to drink in the sorta middle of the work week (as if a reason was really needed). I have never participated in a bar scene involved with thirsty Thursday. I don’t like crowds for one thing. And I don’t really drink.20130815-231717.jpg

But, I realized that “thirsty” Thursday can be expanded to encompass something much different than liquor and the general mayhem of intoxication. It can also be a way of looking at the day in general. Thursday is merely a day of yearning for the weekend. It’s just another day that stands in the way of freedom from work and responsibility. It leaves us yearning, leaves us thirsty for Friday. Like what I did there? I turned a drinking party into something more. I’m that good and that lame all at the same time.

Anyways, yes! Thursday leaves us all thirsty for the weekend. And I for one am dying of thirst after the week I’ve had. There’s been nothing too major going on (::knock on wood::) but with working an extra hour every work day last week and this week it’s been tough. EBs schedule has been off so I see her for 2 hours a day – from when she gets up to when she takes nap. Half of that time is usually spent eating breakfast cause she’s a slow eater still.

20130815-231852.jpgAfter her nap, it’s in the car and out the door to babysitters and work. Frankly, I miss my kid.


I miss hanging out with this guy too.

I totally understand what he means now when he says that he feels like all he does is rent a room. I miss hanging out after work and cooking dinner together and simply sitting together while we watch Ellabelle play. I’m thirsty for time with my family.

And this weekend is going to be a good one. I can tell. We’re going to watch our nephew Trent play football on Saturday morning and taking Ellabelle to her first festival Saturday night. I’m thirsty for fun. Oh and sleep. Throw some sleep in there too.


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