I came home last night to find Ellabelle’s hair still in tight pigtails. This meant that Josh forgot to remove them. This also meant she hadn’t been given a bath. Now dirty baby part aside, any girl who’s worn a tight ponytail for awhile knows how much it can start to hurt, and I’ve told him a million times he has to take them out at bedtime. But there they were, still wrapped. I fumed. When I wasn’t there, I expected Josh to fill in properly and be the fill in mommy. This did not reflect well on the good mommy name.

So I tried to take them out carefully cause she was deep asleep. The first one refused to budge. Now I know I didn’t put it in that tight to begin with. I soon realized the resistance was due to something sticky in her hair. It was pineapple juice or what was left of it anyways. I almost had to call for back up as I wrestled with this tiny hairtie caught in a sticky mess of hair. She woke up due to the struggle and cried in protest and tried to keep me from touching her head by throwing it back and forth, never taking her thumb out of her mouth by the way.

She glared at me through her squint and squawked a sleepy squawk. She was clearly displeased with the disturbance of her sleep. So it was daddy who gave her pineapples, who let her play with her hair while she ate, who didn’t bathe her, and who left her ponies on, but I was getting all the attitude. Geesh. In a matter of 45seconds it went from Josh being the bad guy to me being the bad guy. (Just for the record, anyone who disturbs the demons slumber is an automatic bad guy.) You can’t reason with a one year and explain why it necessary to mess with her and that she’d thank me later. No. All she knows is that her peaceful dark room now had a tiny stream of light coming in and big, mean mommy was pulling her hair.

Luckily, I slipped the second tie out with no problems. She was still fussing at me so I seized the opportunity and snatched her up. She fought me but settled very quickly into my arms. She went back to sleep and all was forgiven. I enjoyed my few moments of sleepy bee snuggles. The kids’s so independent that she refuses to fall asleep (and stay asleep) in your arms which is one of my favorite things. After a round of the ABCs, I laid her down and went to bed myself. I even forgave Josh and let him sleep without much disturbance.

So Josh had an off daddy night, and I had an off mommy one. I made up for it today with a walk to the mailbox to see the lake. Maisy got to come too. It was during our normal nap time so someone was fussy whenever I stopped moving the stroller so the dog could sniff, but it was all good. I think the sunshine did us all good.


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