The 4th

Life is hectic around, as usual. So, here it is, almost 2 weeks later, and I’m just now getting to post about the fourth of July. Normally, when I write a blog in my head or at least start one and the time for it has passed (like the post I had started in my brain for International Women’s Day back in March) I usually just scrap it and let it go. I’m not going to do that for the fourth though. The reason why is the fourth of July is a big deal for my family. It always has been and I’m sure it always will be. And this year our Independence Day was twofold. The first fold (I don’t even know of that’s how you’d say it) is obvious. The celebration of the America’s independence from England. But fold number 2 was freedom from our daily routine.

This whole working opposite schedules is finally wearing on us. I hate only seeing Josh two days a week and Ellabelle only a few hours a day. Plus, Josh has been working Saturdays too! Its been so awful. So the freedom for 4, yes FOUR!, whole days was so amazing I was ready to shoot of fireworks for that reason alone.

I had spent days looking through webpage after webpage trying to find the perfect outfit for EB to wear for her first fourth and found nothing I liked. This outfit was so importnat that I started looking for it at the end of April. Much to my surprise, I found just what I wanted at Babies R Us and I found it in May. So I grabbed that puppy like there was no tomorrow and prayed she wouldn’t stop growing or get massive within two months. Josh was mad because I “didn’t need to spend the money on it right now.” But 😛 on him because EB had to have it and I knew her size would disappear if I waited because that’s always my luck.

So after literally months of waiting to see her in it she looked as cute as I imagined.

But it rained. All freakin day. Momma got soaked. Daddy got soaked. EB and her precious, perfectly picked out red, white, and blue outfit got soaked. DSCN8150

We go to the Northside Parade every year. So, it was important and exciting to share it with my girl. We toughed out the rain and made the best of it. I figured the loud marching bands would scare EB, but she loved it! She’s definitely got a thing for music.


So her cute, perfect out fit was worn for about 2 hours and  then we stripped her to her diaper once we got done watching the parade. We went to this bar called Dollar Bills. They didn’t have a changing table. So we changed her on two high top chairs turned towards each other. I guess ingenuity is necessary when you take a baby to a bar. We had planned on leaving her in her stroller but it was soaked. Luckily, after opening it up for awhile and passing EB around from person to person, it was dry enough for her to sit in. We tried to get her to nap. We reclined the stroller seat and covered her with a beach towel, but someone was more interested in looking around and be involved in the party than sleeping. Green-20130704-01335

She finally passed out though. DSCN8157

We went to my godmothers house after that for a little bit but we werent there for long since Josh had to work on Friday. We didn’t have any fireworks to shoot off, and I didn’t get my first sparkler in with EB, but there’s always next year.

So, all in all, EBs first fourth was soggy but memorable. These little memories at this point are more important for me than her, but its cool that I’ll be able to tell her she’s been going to the Northside parade her whole life.

The rest of the weekend was busy too. I helped my parents move in to their new house on Friday. We all went out to breakfast for my sister’s birthday on Saturday.

She loves her Auntie Ang
She loves her Auntie Ang

I did manage to sneak in a nap with my best girls on Saturday before daddy came home from working his Saturday shift.

This was suppose to be a precious picture of EBs hand and Maisy's face, but someone had different ideas when I snapped the shot.
This was suppose to be a precious picture of EBs hand and Maisy’s face, but someone had different ideas when I snapped the shot.

Sunday we went to Florence to have someone look at Joshs comics, got EB $140 worth of Carters clothes for $43, and went to Jungle Jims. The weekend was crazy busy and crazy fun. And now, it’s on to bigger and exciting things – like *SOMEONES* first birthday! I’m sure a tear inducing blog about it (from me at least) will be coming shortly. Until then…Green-20130704-01334


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