Playing catch up

There’s so many things I always want to get done and so many things I need to get done. Then there’s the few things I actually get done. I feel like our life is just a constant game of playing catch up. And, for once, we actually did.

We dug out our front flower bed a few weeks back, and Josh participated in an epic battle against a particularly evil set of bushes. Well, we finally got around to doing something with the open space.


We went to Menards and got stone edging, top soil, and flowers to put in. We had to rough up and dispose of a few stray roots still hanging out from the bushes before we could plant anything, but we eventually got it all in.


I think it turned out pretty snazzy. I got some lilies, two different types of hydrangea bushes, and an azalea bush. I also moved around my bulbs that were already planted. It only took about two hours, but my muscles are sure feeling it today.

We finally made an appointment to have out air conditioner fixed. It’s been over a week since it stopped working. Well, in order to have a tech come in, we had to clean. So, finally, my living room and kitchen are back in order. It’s so easy to put them off and ignore the mess. So its super nice to have it all back to livable.

Josh did a ton of laundry tonight while I was work, and we actually went and bought groceries. It’s strange how such simple things can make such a big difference. Life may just be one giant game of catch up. It’s nice to just sit back and enjoy being caught for a little bit though At least til you fall behind again πŸ˜‰



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