EBs Surgery

Raising a kid comes with all kinds of scares. Like one day she rolled right off the bed and didn’t make a peep about it. Or when she falls backwards and hits her head against a plastic toy. Monday, though, was the scariest day so far of my mommyhood. Miss Ellabelle had to have surgery. We had to sit in a hospital while a doctor put a knife to my baby’s head and cut her skin open.

Ok, momma dramatics. Still, it was scary for me. She’s had this bump on her head since she was born. So after months of being told it was just a lymphnode, her pediatrician realized it wasn’t. (It would’ve gone away on it’s own if it had been). So, we scheduled a same day consultation and surgery. We headed to Children’s Hospital, the Liberty campus, early in the morning, and this momma was filled with dread. Luckily, EB had no idea that anything was going on. She was just happy to be with her momma and daddy in a new place. 1010933_10100285095648340_207205337_n

The surgeon was very nice and told us that it was probably just a dermoid cyst. After the consultation, we were taken to the surgery prep area. We had about a two hour wait before her scheduled surgery at 1pm. Ellabelle took a nap while I answered question after question. We had three different nurses come talk to us in that time. 969197_10100285171670990_797163447_n

Finally, we were told to walk down the hall. I carried my baby bee right to the operating room. The first nurse had told us it would be unlikely that we’d get to be with her while they put her under. Well, she was wrong. Luckily, I was already holding her because I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch what was about to happen. They held a gas mask filled with drugs and bubble gum scent over her nose and she fought it. I tried to calm her down the best I could until she was out. I didn’t even originally realize it until they told me to put her on the gurney. She was so limp, and I gently laid her down. That part is a bit of a blur. It was so surreal leaving her to go do something I’ve never had done except to usher her into the world. Josh and I were walked to the waiting from there, leaving our girl behind.

The nurse talked to us while she took us to the waiting room, but my mind still wasn’t there. My mind was in that room we had just left, it was with my girl. We made it to the receptionist and went and got some food because we were both starving. Then we headed back to the 2nd floor, to wait.

The weeks of waiting for this day had seemed to be dreadful, but that dread was nothing compared to the waiting room. Her surgery was suppose to take 38 minutes and then we had to wait until she woke up to go see her. Luckily, getting food had taken so long we had time to eat our sandwiches and then we were called back to the consultation room. Josh noticed that the only thing in the room was a box of kleenex. The doctor came in and told us she did great, and that it was in fact a dermoid cyst just like they thought. Relief spread through me. She was fine.

Back to the waiting room we went. To wait. This wait was different though. It was an impatient wait. My girl was on the other side of those doors waiting for me. I couldn’t sit still. After what felt longer than the original wait, we got to go back down that same hallway from earlier but turned a corner instead and there she was! She was sitting on a nurses lap and drinking apple juice from her sippy cup. I practically ran towards her. The nurse handed her to me and she settled into my arms. I held her like I was never going to let her go. She fell asleep while the nurse gave us aftercare information. 992965_10100285285617640_1872251514_n

After taking out her IV, we were told we could leave. Daddy carried his girl to the car where I sat in the backseat to catch any possible vomit. We made it home with no problems though. EB fell asleep. IMAG2250

 Our day had started at 9:30, and we were finally home around 4:30. It was a long and stressful day for all of us, and we are just glad to have this all behind us. The only thing that will remain of this day is the scar those four little stitches are going to leave. Oh, and her bumblebee she got from the gift shop for being a big, brave girl. 375611_10100285752991020_939584726_n

Playing catch up

There’s so many things I always want to get done and so many things I need to get done. Then there’s the few things I actually get done. I feel like our life is just a constant game of playing catch up. And, for once, we actually did.

We dug out our front flower bed a few weeks back, and Josh participated in an epic battle against a particularly evil set of bushes. Well, we finally got around to doing something with the open space.


We went to Menards and got stone edging, top soil, and flowers to put in. We had to rough up and dispose of a few stray roots still hanging out from the bushes before we could plant anything, but we eventually got it all in.


I think it turned out pretty snazzy. I got some lilies, two different types of hydrangea bushes, and an azalea bush. I also moved around my bulbs that were already planted. It only took about two hours, but my muscles are sure feeling it today.

We finally made an appointment to have out air conditioner fixed. It’s been over a week since it stopped working. Well, in order to have a tech come in, we had to clean. So, finally, my living room and kitchen are back in order. It’s so easy to put them off and ignore the mess. So its super nice to have it all back to livable.

Josh did a ton of laundry tonight while I was work, and we actually went and bought groceries. It’s strange how such simple things can make such a big difference. Life may just be one giant game of catch up. It’s nice to just sit back and enjoy being caught for a little bit though At least til you fall behind again 😉