In high cotton

The 2nd wedding anniversary is the cotton anniversary. Cotton may seem like a strange thing to use to represent a marriage, but it really does make sense though. Cotton is perfect as it symbolizes the need for a marriage to remain strong and be able to adapt to changes. We’ve had to do that a lot this year. Our second year of marriage had a lot of ups and downs. 262595_727705311070_2692855_n

We made it through my constant dizziness and pain while being pregnant.


We made it through the rough few days that brought us the greatest joy in the world – the birth of our daughter.


We made it through sleep deprivation and stress that comes with having a newborn in the house.


We made it through an overnight vet stay for Jericho and a vet visit for a sick Maisy.


We made it through me going off my meds and going bat-shit crazy for three days.


We made it through the holidays.


We’ve adjusted to me getting a new job on swing shift and never seeing each other except on weekends.


We’ve adjusted to being three instead of two and having to put her before us.


We have rough days. We also have really great days. We have everything we need in each other.


Josh is my strength, my rock, my anchor. I get worked up and he calms me down. He pulls me through times I don’t want to keep going. He holds my hand and lets me cry. He goes out of his way to make me smile. He puts my happiness before his own. He lets me be my dorky self without ever having to apologize for it. He tells me I’m beautiful every day even when I think I look like crap. He lets me dream and encourages me to follow those dreams. He is an amazing daddy to our EllieBee. He is everything I have ever dreamed of having in a partner. Yes, he has his flaws and sometimes he drives me absolutely crazy, but the good certainly outweighs the bad. I wouldn’t trade anything for this life we have built together. The next year holds so many great things already – EB’s first birthday, our return to the beach and EBs first visit, our 7 year anniversary in November, and so much more fun and adventure. 107_506973379630_9584_n

Josh, I love you. Thank you for choosing me.


So cotton. Yes, cotton works quite well for this year.


We are certainly in high cotton.



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