Our weekends are busy. Always. It does get exhausting and old sometimes. Other times, it’s nice to have things to do. All that “you only live once” and “you can sleep when you’re dead” stuff. Normally, on Sunday night, we’re tired and not looking forward to the new work week. This sunday night we are tired and not looking forward to the new work week, but we are also exhausted and sore and have paint on our toes (at least me anyways.)

See, this weekend we focused on the house. It’s been a long time coming. We’ve be very neglectful of the outside of our home. So we had a long list of things to do. I, personally, trimmed the bushes around the back of the house and the side of the house, took a huge chunk out of the monster of a bush in our front yard, painted the shed, broke up dirt and ripped out some big roots from the flower bed, cleaned off the sidewalk and driveway, painted the front steps, and painted what will be Ellabelle’s dressup trunk. Now, this may not seem like much or like they were easy tasks, but our house was so a)muddy, b)overgrown, and c)dense (pick corresponding word based on chore) that they were all very rough jobs.

Other things that got done as well: Josh’s dad took apart and replaced parts of our shed and fixed our front steps, Josh’s stepmom powerwashed most our house and helped correct my painting blunders on the shed, Josh tore out a tree type thing, and, then, there were the bushes. I have hated these bushes from the very beginning, before we even moved in. They are big and pointy and hang out over our sidewalk and are dead inside so when you cut them back from the sidewalk they look all gross. I hate them. 185387_724413622640_366950_n

So, finally, we pulled them out. The first one honestly wasn’t so bad. It took some work – I trimmed it down with the trimmers and then Josh used a sawzall and a shovel and it came right out. The second bush – it was a bitch. First of all, it ended up being at least two bushes that morphed into one super bush. 284942_724413562760_962397_nIt may have even been 3. We couldn’t tell for sure. But it took 2-3 hours to get the whole thing out.

making that superbush his bitch
making that superbush his bitch

It also involved sawing through a tree root about 2in thick in diameter that the bush had wrapped it’s own roots around as well as the destruction of 2 shovels. IMAG0740Finally, Josh and I got the SOB out. He had to pull the stump towards him so I could try and clip some massive roots. Victory was ours though. And just in the nick of time – the heavens opened and a monsoon hit right after we got the final root cut.

Now we have 15 bags of bush trimming next to our trash can and we’re hoping Rumpke takes them. You couldn’t even see the yard because there was just so much to these stupid bushes. IMAG0737

So that was our Saturday – yard work, showering (very, very necessary), chinese food for dinner, and my favorite: a nap with my girl. I love when I get those rare times when we all curl up together and sleep. 970180_10100263338025790_1970841809_n

Sunday we went outside and picked up the rest of the trimmings that got left because of the rain. Josh mowed. I painted. We went to my parents house and installed their carseat they have for EB since they’re going to be helping us out this week with babysitting since Josh’s hours at work changed. We stopped at Target and found some great stuff on clearance for EB and got our anniversary gift as well as my top for our pictures we’re getting next month.

Someone was not amused by our trip to Target
Someone was not amused by our trip to Target

After coming home and having Josh finish mowing the front yard (he could in the morning because of all the bush corpses that were still laying around) and me repaint the bottom step (the rain washed it all away) we went to Walmart to get another shovel and grocery shop.

That was a lot of info I’m sure nobody really cares about, but my point is our weekends are busy, even when they really aren’t suppose to be. So, tonight we are sore, in body and in mind. There’s been a lot going on and we had a rough last week, but I think this week will be better. I hope so anyways. Josh and I aren’t going to be seeing each other again until Friday because I start work 30 minutes before he gets off, but it’ll be ok. At least Friday is a gov’t furlough day and I get to spend the whole day with my EB and the evening with Josh.

And, oh, yeah, and the finished product:

more pics to come once we get to planting
more pics to come once we get to planting



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