The Tuesday Theory

I have this theory about work. Josh doesn’t like. I stand by this theory though. I call it the Tuesday Theory.

(insert dramatic music here)

The Tuesday Theory states that Monday is, in fact, not the worst day of the work week; Tuesday is. Here’s why: Monday is the first day of the week. You’re starting fresh. You probably have work you put off on Friday waiting to be done. You may be dragging and need an extra shot of caffeine, but Monday isn’t really all that bad once you’re at work.

Tuesday, however, is a slow, tedious day at work. Those fumes you were running on from you’re weekend high have been burnt through. The work you do on a Tuesday is the same work you did the day before and the same work you’ll do tomorrow and the day after and the day after. Suddenly, the monotony of your boring, pointless job is crashing down on you crushing you as you try to force yourself to carry on.

Let us evaluate:

Monday – you’re still clinging to the great memories of the past weekend be they fun and exciting or as simple as sleeping in
Tuesday – still 3 days away from the upcoming weekend – too far from the past one to be reminiscing yet too far from the next to really get excited about plans
Wednesday –  Hump Day brings the joy of knowing that the week is half way over and all downhill from there
Thursday – Friday eve brings with it the anticipation of freedom. It’s like the last leg of a long trip, it’s the homestretch. Many people enjoy Thirsty Thursday as a way to start the party early
Friday – T.G.I.mother-effinF. Start putting off work to do for Monday. It can totally wait.

Tuesday is the desert of the week. It’s empty and desolate. Tuesday is when you need that ice cold taste of freedom that you so desperately desire in the wasteland of the week, but it’s not coming. Think about it. Pay attention to your work days next week. Which one drags out the longest? Which one is the hardest to focus through? Tuesday is waiting.

My Tuesday is thankfully over and soon most people will be getting up to start their Wednesday. We’ve made it through this weeks desert, people. Be glad. Until next week…


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