Wheels and eggs

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. Yes, that’s three and it’s not an exaggeration. I’m still getting used to the hours of my new job so I’ve been very tired lately. Saturday morning, I did something crazy and worked overtime. So much for the long anticipated sleeping in. However, it was easy money that I couldn’t pass up. Saturday evening was the first Cincinnati Rollergirls game of the year. I was so excited to take EB. I, of course, made her an outfit to wear. People kept stopping to tell us how cute she was and take pictures. Even Josh’s favorite skater, K. Lethal, came over to snap a few shots. My girl was a hit. 891851_10100226880876210_260076276_omy lil rollergirlDSCN7716with Wooly Bully DSCN7719with K. Lethal DSCN7724cheering!  PS: CRG annihilated the other team! 

Then, Sunday was Fake Easter with the Fulmers. My mom’s side of the family can never seem to get together on Easter so we have had “fake” Easter for quite a few years now. EB was all dressed up because her momma is a holiday decorating freak. It’s ok. I like to fly the holiday freak flag. She had a bonnet that she looked AHdorable in DSCN7730and that bonnet got passed around and worn by many throughout the day: DSCN7753DSCN7770DSCN7774Best $1 spent at Target ever

She had her first easter egg “hunt” aka it was too cold to hide and hunt eggs so everyone took turns picking eggs out of a box. EB cleaned up with over $6 in egg money! Plus, she got $5 in her Easter candy from Great Grandma. Her piggy bank is feeling fuller these days. DSCN7764And besides her first egg, she also had her first piece of candy. Enter the blue peep:DSCN7744It was certainly a strange Easter with snow falling outside, but EB was very happy cause she loves to be cold!DSCN7766All in all, it was a good day and a very busy weekend. I was sick today with a stomach bug of some sort. Maisy threw up too and so did Ellabelle but we don’t think EB’s had anything to do with my tummy problems. Hopefully, we all start feeling better soon. With 4 more work days and another packed weekend filled with 2 more Easters, sleeping in on Saturday April the 5th is looking mighty fine indeed.

Everyone have a happy “real” Easter this weekend! DSCN7806


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